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Wed, 21 Dec 1994 14:15:23 GMT

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: (Greg Lueck Development Environment)
Keywords: debug, architecture
Organization: Digital Equipment Corporation
References: 94-12-111
Date: Wed, 21 Dec 1994 14:15:23 GMT

> I would like to find out profiling tools that let me know #page faults,
> >ache misses for any RISC architecture i.e. Sparc2, SGI Indy..

There are a couple of good tools for DEC OSF/1 running on Alpha. uprofile
is a tool that can measure the frequency of various CPU events, including
cache misses. It produces a histogram output with a statistical sampling
of the PC's for these events. You can view the histogram with the standard
prof command.

The Atom tool is an object-level modification tool that allows you to easily
write custom program analysis tools. Atom reads in an object file and writes
out a new executable that analyzes itself as it runs. You could easily use
Atom to trace every load and store and simulate the page fault activity of
your application. Atom can also be used to simulate the cache misses. Atom
is normally used to analyze the data as the program runs, rather than spitting
out a huge trace file that is analyzed later.

Both of these tools are available on DEC OSF/1 V3.0.

> Is there anything like that which would help me improve memory reference
> patterns of my programs?

Tools to improve cache miss / page fault behavior are more difficult. The
cord tool on DEC OSF/1 improves i-cache usage, but does nothing for data.
Greg Lueck

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