yacc - mandatory non-terminal %type-ing ?

par@sequent.com (Paul Riethmuller)
Fri, 2 Dec 1994 07:05:49 GMT

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yacc - mandatory non-terminal %type-ing ? par@sequent.com (1994-12-02)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: par@sequent.com (Paul Riethmuller)
Keywords: yacc, question
Organization: Sequent Computer Systems, Inc.
Date: Fri, 2 Dec 1994 07:05:49 GMT


I can't figure out what's going on with yacc (AT&T) and byacc.

I'm working on a grammar where I am perfectly happy to use the
default YYSTYPE of int and don't want a %union if I can avoid it.

So, I've got this grammar without a %union but b?yacc complains
that it wants the non-terminals on the rules LHS to be %typed.
Bison works fine.

I've got smaller grammars where I do the same thing with typing
(i.e. nothing) and b?yacc doesn't complain about them.

Any ideas?



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