Generate Visual Basic from DEC FMS or TDMS

Guy Simonian <>
Thu, 27 Oct 1994 04:47:11 GMT

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: Guy Simonian <>
Keywords: Basic
Organization: Delphi ( email, 800-695-4005 voice)
Date: Thu, 27 Oct 1994 04:47:11 GMT

Anyone interested in converting FMS or TDMS forms to Visual Basic please
read on.

Guy Simonian

                    | VAX FMS/TDMS to Visual Basic Forms Converter |


Customers who are interested in converting existing applications based upon
Digital Equipment Corporation's VAX FMS/TDMS software to a PC or Lan based
environment running Microsoft Visual Basic for Windows can now use an
automated tool from Cotal Systems to assist in the migration process.


The Cotal Systems software produces Visual Basic form files that can be
immediately run under Visual Basic in the Microsoft Windows environment. These
new forms can be included with other forms, be changed, modified, and run just
as any native Visual Basic form would be.

The Cotal Systems software accepts as input standard DEC VAX FMS forms or form
libraries. The appearance and operation of the screen, including text field,
data fields, data field character masks, video attributes like bolding,
reverse video, underlining, lines, and boxes are preserved through the
migration to the new environment.

Though the resultant output runs under the Microsoft Windows environment, the
result has the same character cell look and feel as the source FMS form did.
No radio buttons, toggle buttons, or scroll bars are created by the Cotal
Systems software.


This software will work with Microsoft Visual Basic version 3.0 and
DEC FMS version 2.0 or later.


This software is available for use as a service of Cotal Systems.


Other software in development is an ORACLE Forms to Visual Basic converter.

**********COTAL SYSTEMS: West Hartford, Connecticut 203-523-7347***********

For a demo, mail a form to

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