Re: ANSI C Test suites (Ronald F. Guilmette)
Thu, 29 Sep 1994 08:43:56 GMT

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: (Ronald F. Guilmette)
Keywords: testing, C
Organization: Netcom Online Communications Services (408-241-9760 login: guest)
References: 94-09-171
Date: Thu, 29 Sep 1994 08:43:56 GMT (Soumyabrata Bhattacharya) writes:
> I need information regarding the name and address of companies
>which sell ANSI C compiler testsuites...

WELL... since _someone else_ brougth it up... :-)

Complete information on RG Consulting's ANSI C and C++ compiler test suites
is available for anonymous FTP from `' in the pub/rfg/roadtest
directory. (If you can't do FTP, let me know and I'll be glad to E-mail
the file to you.)

The files there include a Postcript version of the product description and
current price list, a PostScript version of the documentation for the suite
driver program `rtc', a PostScript version of the standard site license
agreement AND, last but not least, some really hairy free sample test cases
which are almost guarranteed to find bugs in almost any existing C compiler.
(Check out the files `sample.1' and `sample.2'. I've already offered a
reward of $50 to anyone who can find anything in the least bit non-ANSI
about these two test cases.)

The sample.1 and sample.2 test case file were automatically generated by
a pair of highly sophisticated test case generator programs that I built
using my Test Generator Generator Systems (TGGS). TGGS is also available
for licensing. Contact <> for futher details.
-- Ron Guilmette, Sunnyvale, CA ---------- RG Consulting -------------------
---- domain addr: ----------- Purveyors of Compiler Test ----
---- uucp addr: ...!uunet!netcom!rfg ------- Suites and Bullet-Proof Shoes -

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