Looking for available MIPS compilers

pieb_wolfgang <wolfy@tower.tandem.com>
Tue, 27 Sep 1994 23:11:55 GMT

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Looking for available MIPS compilers wolfy@tower.tandem.com (pieb_wolfgang) (1994-09-27)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: pieb_wolfgang <wolfy@tower.tandem.com>
Keywords: question, comment
Organization: Compilers Central
Date: Tue, 27 Sep 1994 23:11:55 GMT

To all compiler and compiler technology vendors:

I am currently evaluating my organization's future needs in the area
of compiler technology with specific attention to backends/code generators.
Using the following set of criteria we would like to request potentially
interested parties or vendors to provide information on their offerings.

1) Code generation for MIPS architecture

The compiler/code generator must be able to generate code for
the R3000, R4000 and T5 implementations of the MIPS architecture.

2) Supported languages/front end adaptability

The compiler/code generator must be easily adaptable to support a variety
of language specific front ends, most importantly COBOL, C and C++
with consideration for Fortran and Pascal.

3) Retargetability

The compiler/code generator must be easily retargetable to existing and
emerging architectures.

4) Rehostability

The compiler/code generator must be easily rehostable to a variety
of development platforms, including but not limited to SUN, HP, SGI,

5) Competitive translation speed

The compiler/code generator should exhibit reasonable compilation
speed, i.e. it should be in the ballpark of current workstation-
hosted compilers.

6) Standard compliance, openness

The compiler/code generator must support official standards such
as ANSI, Unix Spec 1170, Posix etc. and support or be open to
de facto standards. It must also provide ABI compliance where

7) Performance/optimizations

The compiler/code generator should employ state-of-the-art optimization
techniques such as instruction scheduling, loop unrolling, etc.
The implementation should be easily adaptable to other architectures.

8) Object format/debugging format

The compiler/code generator must support the ELF object file
format. It should also support a popular format for debugging
information with the ability to debug optimized code.

9) Miscellaneous

The compiler/code generator should support 64-bit addresses
and 64-bit integers or at least be easily extensible to do so.

Please send email to wolfy@tower.tandem.com.

Thank you for you input,

Wolfgang Pieb
[Given that laundry list, I'd be interested to hear if you find anything
better than GCC. -John]

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