Re: EBNF open letter

Don Baarda <>
Sun, 18 Sep 1994 03:55:55 GMT

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: Don Baarda <>
Keywords: parse, EBNF
Organization: OzEmail Pty Ltd
References: 94-09-030 94-09-062
Date: Sun, 18 Sep 1994 03:55:55 GMT

Hey, by your own syntax, shouldn't that be

>For example:
> (* floating-point literals *)
> float number token = integer constant, fraction, [exponent];
                                                                                                        you forgot the ^

Trivial, I know, but without it you would have got;
Syntax error: expected ; , |

Also, the standard presented only allows for string terminals. This is
usualy fine, but what if you want to use EBNF syntax to represent a binary
languages? I often use psedo-EBNF to represent binary file formats.
However, I must admit that this is the first I've heard of an EBNF
standard, and I must say, about time and not a bad job too (I haven't seen
it all, but it looks like it hasn't been stuffed up).

If anyone wants ideas for a standard with binary terminals, I have a few

ABO =:-)

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