WANTED: Modula-2-to-Ada-Translator

koschke@kafka.informatik.uni-stuttgart.de (Rainer Koschke)
Sun, 18 Sep 1994 06:17:20 GMT

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WANTED: Modula-2-to-Ada-Translator koschke@kafka.informatik.uni-stuttgart.de (1994-09-18)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: koschke@kafka.informatik.uni-stuttgart.de (Rainer Koschke)
Keywords: modula, Ada, translator, question
Organization: Informatik, Uni Stuttgart, Germany
Date: Sun, 18 Sep 1994 06:17:20 GMT

I am new in this newsgroup and I don't know if this is an often
answered question. But I read the FAQ of this newsgroup and a
list of available source code translators and didn't find any hint.

My question is: does someone know about the existence of a
noncommercial source to source translator for Modula-2 to Ada?
A tool for a subset of Modula-2 would already help.

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