New PILOT release -- 1.6 (Eric Raymond)
Sun, 18 Sep 1994 03:51:24 GMT

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New PILOT release -- 1.6 (1994-09-18)
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Newsgroups: alt.folklore.computers,alt.lang.intercal,comp.lang.misc,comp.compilers
From: (Eric Raymond)
Keywords: history
Organization: Netaxs Internet BBS and Shell Accounts
Date: Sun, 18 Sep 1994 03:51:24 GMT

A new release of my IEEE PILOT interpreter/compiler, 1.6, is now available
for FTP at

This release fixes a number of minor bugs recently pointed out in 1.5.

Comp.compilers folk might be interested in the techniques used to make the
same translator function as both an interpreter for the language and a

The general technique of using C as the compiler's target language followed by
a call to the local C compiler to generate actual code may also be of some
interest. I had previously used this same tactic to good effect in my
C-INTERCAL compiler (available, same location). This technique makes the
implementation of portable production-quality compilers for small languages
almost indecently easy.
Eric S. Raymond <>

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