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Sat, 17 Sep 1994 04:59:06 GMT

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: (Julia Dain)
Keywords: errors, bibliography
Organization: Department of Computer Science, Warwick University, England
References: 94-09-025
Date: Sat, 17 Sep 1994 04:59:06 GMT (Soeren Nielsen) writes:
>I'm writing my master thesis about error-detection, error-recovery
>and error-repair. Does anyone have any references
>( books, Acta, ACM, SIGPLAN etc. ) to new material on these subjects.
>I've already looked in "frequently asked question" and I found some
>useful material, but no recent stuff.
>The newest material is an article by P. Boullier and M. Jourdan (1987).

I can offer a few references later than this:

Fischer CN, LeBlanc RJ
                Crafting a compiler
Benjamin-Cummings, 1988.
[Ch 17, 688-721, discusses syntactic error recovery and repair.]

Fischer CN, Mauney J
                A simple, fast and effective LL(1) repair algorithm
Acta Inf. 29, 2 (April 1992), 109-120.

Grune D, Jacobs CJH
                A programmer-friendly LL(1) parser generator
Software - Practice and Experience 18,1 (Jan 1988), 29-38
[Error handling based on Roehrich, Acta Inf. 13, 2 (1980), and follow sets]

Mauney J, Fischer CN
                Determining the extent of lookahead in syntactic error repair
ACM TOPLAS 10, 3 (1988), 456-469.

Also my paper (submitted for publication)
A practical minimum distance method for syntax error handling
which is available by anonymous ftp from
in the directory /people/J.A.Dain
in (gzipped) LaTeX and PostScript: mindist.tex.gz


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