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CFP PAP'95 (Paris, 4/95) (1994-09-05)
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Newsgroups: comp.lang.prolog,comp.compilers
From: (Andre Marien)
Keywords: prolog, constraint, CFP
Organization: BIM Everberg Belgium
Date: Mon, 5 Sep 1994 07:09:17 GMT

Call for Papers/Participation:


The Third International Conference and Exhibition
on Practical Applications of Prolog

Paris, France
4th - 7th April 1995


The PAP conferences are the world's showcase for Prolog systems and
applications. Outstanding examples of fielded industrial applications
from all over the world formed the core of the two previous

The main focus of PAP '95 will be on Prolog applications that have
shown clear benefits for industry, commerce or education.

The programme will include paper presentations, invited talks,
plenary and panel sessions, tutorials and workshops.

PAP '95 will show that Prolog is a highly effective tool for the
development and delivery of industrial strength applications.
Sponsored by the Prolog Management Group, Compulog-Net, and the
Association for Logic Programming, the PAP'95 conference and
exhibition will provide a forum for technical exchange between all
members of the world-wide logic programming community: academics,
industrialists and Prolog systems vendors.

Call For Papers

Papers are solicited describing fielded applications written in
Prolog or other logic programming languages.
Suitable application areas include but are not limited to:

CAD and Manufacturing Computer-Based Training
Parallel Systems Data Processing
Graphics and Animation Natural language
Financial Analysis Automated Documentation
Simulation Planning and Scheduling
Object-Oriented Systems Application Delivery
User Interface Design Tools Environments and Toolkits
Tools and Techniques Knowledge-Based Systems
Deductive Database Systems Constraint Logic Programming
Software Engineering Hybrid Systems

Call for Industrial Reports

Pressure of time and competing priorities mean that details of
industrial applications are often never written up as formal papers.
In recognition of this, it will be possible to submit a brief report
on a fielded application or activity.

Industrial Exhibition

The exhibition provides an opportunity for software developers to
demonstrate Prolog applications. You are invited to contact the
organiser if you wish to exhibit at the event. Please give details of
your program and appropriate hardware platforms.

In addition, if you would like to organise or participate in a
workshop or tutorial please contact the organiser.


The conference is sponsored and supported by the Prolog Management
Group, Compulog Net, the ALP, and national equivalents, and
individual members of the PMG. The PMG is an international consortium
of major companies including AI International Ltd, BIM, Boeing,
Cosytec SA, Dassault, Delphia, DS Logics, ECRC, IBM, IF Computer,
Integral Solutions Ltd, IQSoft, LPA, Paralogic, Prolog Development
Center A/S, PrologIA, Quintus Corporation, SICS, and Siemens Nixdorf.

Programme Committee

Howard Arner Ad-Track, USA
Pedro Barahonar U. of Lisbon, Portugal
Oskar Bartenstein IF Computer, Japan
Greg Bourassa Bourassa Systems, Canada
Barry Crabtree British Telecom, UK
Jim Crammond Quintus Corp, USA
Luc Darras SLIGOS-Delphia, France
Sam Daniel Motorola, USA
Pierre Deransart INRIA, France
Ed Freeman US West, USA
Alexander Herold ECRC, Germany
Leo Jensen PDC, Denmark
Philip Kay COSYTEC, France
Andre Marien (Chairman) BIM, Belgium
Bill McClay Boeing, USA
Chris Moss Imperial College, UK
Luis Perreria U. of Lisbon, Portugal
Al Roth PMG
Thomas Sjoeland SICS, Sweden
John Smith U. of Central Queensland, Australia
Hans-Juergen Stenger Siemens Nixdorf, Germany
Peter Szeredi IQSOFT, Hungary
Patrick Taillibert Dassault Electronique, France
Michel Van Caneghem PrologIA, France
Phil Vasey LPA, UK
Mark Wallace ICL and Imperial College, UK
Alan Williams KnowledgeWare, USA

Submission Details

Two classes of submissions are solicited - full papers and industrial

Full papers should be no more than 20 pages and should include a
description of the nature and goals of the application, the software
engineering approach and techniques used, evaluation and conclusions.
There should be a discussion of field experience, including
difficulties encountered, platforms on which available, and a
one-page summary.

Industrial reports should include a description of the nature and
goals of the application or activity, and a short analysis of
techniques and achievements. Industrial reports are limited to 10

The first page should include the title of the paper, an abstract of
no more than 200 words, followed by names of authors, full postal
addresses, and e-mail addresses and fax numbers where appropriate.

Prospective authors should submit FIVE copies of the paper using A4
paper. For uniformity of the final proceedings, the preferred
typeface is 12pt Times.

All papers should be submitted to the Conference Organiser, in hard
copy form only.

Important Dates

Submission deadline: November 11th 1994
Notification of acceptance: 31st December 1994
Deadline for final camera-ready papers: 27th January 1995.

For more information about the conference please contact :

The Conference Organiser

Al Roth
P.O. Box 137, Blackpool
Lancs, FY2 0XY
Fax: +44 (0) 1253 353811
Tel: +44 (0) 1253 358081

Programme Chair Tutorial Chair

Andre Marien Peter Reintjes
BIM IBM Watson Research Center
Belgium USA
Fax: +32 2 725 4783 Fax: +1 914 784 7455
Tel: +32 2 719 2611 Tel: +1 914 784 7318
E-Mail: E-mail:

--------------------------- 8< ---------------------------------------

        fax: +44 (0) 1253 353811

[ ] I would like to submit a paper / industrial report.
        Its title will be:

[ ] I am interested in attending the conference as a
        delegate. Please keep me informed.

[ ] My company may be interested in exhibiting at this conference.
        Please send me more details.

[ ] Please send me more information about The Prolog Management Group.

[ ] Please send me more information about Compulog Net.

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