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Graham Jones <>
Tue, 30 Aug 1994 09:39:26 GMT

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papers on symbolic data dependence analysis (Graham Jones) (1994-08-30)
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From: Graham Jones <>
Keywords: analysis, summary, bibliography
Organization: Department of Computer Science, University of Edinburgh
Date: Tue, 30 Aug 1994 09:39:26 GMT

In answer to my question

      In M. Haghighat and C. Polychronopoulos paper "Symbolic Dependence
      Analysis for High Performance Parallelising Compilers, Advances in
      Languages and Compilers for Parallel Processing, 1991" the authors
      indicate the large number of arrays with symbolic subscripts. Classical
      dependency tests fail in the presence of symbolic terms but can be
      assisted by global constant propagation, forward and induction variable
      substitution. Does anyone know of the number of cases that still remain
      unanalysable after these optimisations have taken place ? Given that some
      subsripts can still not be analysed, we need to develop symbolic
      dependency tests to handle these cases. Does anyone know of any current
      work and useful papers in this area ?

I have received the following replies from

Jim Davies
Alain Darte
Be'atrice Creusillet
Lode Nachtergaele

Many thanks for your help. I have included their replies for anyone
interested in this area. If you know of any other works I would be glad to
hear from you


Graham Jones

-------------------- -----------------------

I believe there was a study of different types of subscripts and their
frequency in Fortran programs done by Zhiyuan Li and Pen-Chung Yew at CSRD
a few years ago. It might have been in the ICPP proceedings from 1989 or 1990
-- I'm not sure. The authors are apparently both going to be at the University
of Minnesota this fall; the last email addresses I have for them
are and respectively.

gxj > I looked this up, I believe it is
gxj > @InProceedings{shen:89,
gxj > author = " Z. Shen and Z. Li and P-C. Yew ",
gxj > title = "An {E}mpirical {S}tudy on {A}rray {S}ubscripts and
gxj > {D}ata {D}ependences",
gxj > booktitle = "1989 International Conference on Parallel Processing",
gxj > year = "1989",
gxj > pages = "II-145--II-152"

-------------------- -------------------------

The best references seem to be the work by Paul Feautrier:

                AUTHOR = {Paul Feautrier},
                JOURNAL = {RAIRO Recherche Op\'{e}rationnelle},
                MONTH = sep,
                PAGES = {243--268},
                TITLE = {Parametric Integer Programming},
                VOLUME = {22},
                YEAR = {1988}

                AUTHOR = {Paul Feautrier},
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                YEAR = {1989}

                AUTHOR = {Paul Feautrier},
                JOURNAL = {Int. J. Parallel Programming},
                NUMBER = {1},
                PAGES = {23-51},
                TITLE = {Dataflow analysis of array and scalar references},
                VOLUME = {20},
                YEAR = {1991}

The last reference explains the dependence analysis technique for flow
dependences. This technique can be easily extended to other kind of
dependences. The first reference describes the linear programming
algorithm that is needed. It is of course a parametric algorithm. These
algorithms have been implemented and I think are available. Ask directly
to Paul Feautrier:

A lot of people now use this kind of technique as a base for their
personal work: you may be interested by work by Vincent Van Dongen in
Montreal, Patrice Quinton in Rennes, Yves Robert and myself in Lyon, etc..
If you are interested, I may send you some papers.

--------------------- ------------------

In PIPS, the Interprocedural Parallelizer of Scientific Programs developed
at Ecole des Mines de Paris, interprocedural symbolic semantics analysis
is performed in order to parallelize large Fortran programs. Several kind
of information are propagated through the flow graph of each procedure or
function and through the call graph.

Briefly, the 'preconditions ' are predicates over scalar integer variable
values, which hold true just before a statement is executed. It is an
interprocedural version of Cousot and Halbwachs' algorithm. For instance,
the predicate 'P(I,K,N,M) {1<=I,I<=N, K==I+N}' shows that variables I, K,
N and M have already been assigned a value, and we know that the current
value of I is between 1 and N and that the values of K, I, and N are
constrained by K==I+N.

The 'regions' are sets of array elements defined by affine equalities and
inequalities. For instance the region <A(PHI1)-{I<=PHI1, PHI1<=I+1}>
represents the set of the two elements A(I) and A(I+1) (PHI1 represents
the elements of the first dimension). Regions are also propagated
interprocedurally. They include the relations given by the repconditions.

Preconditions and regions can be used to improve dependence analsyis.
Experiments performed on codes from the Perfect Club yield encouraging

              & nb of array & independences found
              & pairs & prec. only & regions
              & & &
arc2d & 6843 & 2311 & 2557
flo52 & 3717 & 1216 & 1446
mdg & 2971 & 200 & 342
track & 2028 & 107 & 200
trfd & 1335 & 2 & 6

You will find more precise information in the following papers:

AUTHOR = "Irigoin, Franc,ois
and Jouvelot, Pierre
and Triolet, Re'mi ",
TITLE = {Semantical Interprocedural Parallelization : An Overview of the
   {PIPS} project},
BOOKTITLE = {Supercomputing'91},
YEAR = 1991,
MONTH = jun,

AUTHOR = "Irigoin, Franc,ois",
TITLE = {Interprocedural Analyses for Programming Environments},
BOOKTITLE = {Workshop on Environments and Tools for Parallel Scientific
Programming, Saint-Hilaire du Touvier, France},
YEAR = 1992,
MONTH = sep,

AUTHOR = {Yang, Yi-Qing},
TITLE ={Tests des De'pendances et Transformations de Programme},
SCHOOL = {Universite Paris VI, France},
YEAR = 1993,
NOTE = {in French},
MONTH = nov,

----------------------- ------------------------

please find included a list of reference to sources that deal with
dependence testing. Some of them only deal with static dependences.

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