Announcing Lua, a language for extending applications (Luiz H de Figueiredo)
Fri, 8 Jul 1994 11:51:45 GMT

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Announcing Lua, a language for extending applications (1994-07-08)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers,comp.lang.misc,comp.programming,comp.lang.c
From: (Luiz H de Figueiredo)
Keywords: tools, available
Organization: Computer Systems Group, University of Waterloo
Date: Fri, 8 Jul 1994 11:51:45 GMT

This is the first public release of Lua.

* What is Lua?
    Lua is a simple, yet powerful, language for extending applications.
    Lua has been developed by TeCGraf, the Computer Graphics Technology Group
    of PUC-Rio, the Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
    Dozens of industrial products developed by TeCGraf use Lua.

* Some features of Lua
    Lua has a simple, pascal-like, syntax.
    Variables need no declaration.
    Lua has powerful data description constructs.
    Functions can receive a variable number of arguments and can return multiple
    Lua programs are compiled into bytecodes, which are then interpreted to
    simulate a virtual machine.
    Lua is written in ANSI C and is completely portable.

* Installing
    To make, simply type domake.
    If make succeeds, you get an interpreter in ./bin/lua.
    The libraries are in ./lib. The include files are in ./include.
    You don't need the other directories for development.
    There is documentation in ./doc and tests in ./test.
    The documentation includes a reference manual and an article on the
    design and implementation of Lua.
    This distribution is biased towards SunOS 4 with gcc but it is simple to
    change the Makefiles for other systems.

* Legal matters
    Lua is not in the public domain; TeCGraf keeps its copyright.
    Nevertheless, Lua is freely available for academic purposes by anonymous ftp
    For commercial purposes, please contact us.

* Contacting the authors
    Send your comments, bug reports and anything else to
    Please send me email if you download Lua so that we can know how far it goes.

Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo email:
TeCGraf-Grupo de Tecnologia em Computacao Grafica, ITS, PUC-Rio
Rua Marques de Sao Vicente 225 voice: +55 21 529-9424
22453-900 Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brasil fax: +55 21 511-5645

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