irreducible loops (J.A.A.J. Janssen)
Mon, 4 Jul 1994 08:05:36 GMT

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From: (J.A.A.J. Janssen)
Keywords: optimize, analysis
Organization: Compilers Central
Date: Mon, 4 Jul 1994 08:05:36 GMT

In our research group we are working on a compiler for the
MOVE-architecture. One of the problems we encountered are irreducible
loops. Therefore I'm looking for information in this area. Our ideas for
resolving this problem are :

1. Solve the problem at the source language level. In the article "A
Control- Flow Normalization Algorithm and Its Complexity" of Zahira
Ammarguellat in the IEEE Transactions on software engineering, vol. 18,
march 1992, a method is given to normalize the control-flow of programs.
In this article they applied this method for a Lisp-like syntax. My
question is, is there some kind of tool which transforms C/C++ with
irreducible loops into C/C++ code which is normalized and has no
irreducible loops?

2. My second question is about how to solve irreducibility on the basic
block level. Our idea is to use Node Splitting. In our opinion this is a
complex solution and we're wondering if some one else uses this method or
some other method to solve irreducibility on this level.

All suggestions and references to useful articles are welcome.

Many thanks!
Johan Janssen
Delft University of Technology
Department of Electrical Engineering
Section Computer Architecture and Digital Systems
Delft, The Netherlands.
email :

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