"WITH Considered Dangerous" by Wirth?

Paul_Long@ortel.org (Paul Long)
Sat, 25 Jun 1994 17:50:14 GMT

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: Paul_Long@ortel.org (Paul Long)
Keywords: Pascal, modula, design, question
Organization: Oregon Telcom
Date: Sat, 25 Jun 1994 17:50:14 GMT

Several years ago, I developed a proprietary language based on Modula-2.
A colleague who had developed a commercial Modula-2 compiler told me that
although Pascal and Modula-2 had a WITH statement, WIrth decided at some
point that it was a bad idea and dropped it from his subsequent languages.
Because of this and because of my own reservations about WITH, I did not
include it in the language I was developing. (There's a good chance you
use programs written in it every day. It's used by telephone companies to
implement call-processing applications.)

Did Wirth really decide that the disadvantages of WITH, e.g., creation of
homonyms, outweigh its advantages, e.g. shorthand and inherent
common-subexpression elimination? What Wirth languages do not have a WITH
statement? Oberon?


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