New release of Camloo (Manuel Serrano)
Mon, 13 Jun 1994 04:05:35 GMT

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New release of Camloo (1994-06-13)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: (Manuel Serrano)
Keywords: tools, FTP, available, Scheme
Organization: INRIA * Rocquencourt BP 105 * F-78153 LE CHESNAY CEDEX* France
Date: Mon, 13 Jun 1994 04:05:35 GMT

The new version of the Camloo (the package, which allows Bigloo to
compile Caml) is now available by anonymous ftp from
[], in the directory

Camloo0.2 requires Bigloo1.6c (which is available at the same

This new version fixes some bugs, and implements new optimisations.

As a side-effect of the Bigloo ML/Scheme interface facility, the
call/cc primitive is now available in Caml source files (see the
contrib/libcallcc/README file for more information).

Camloo is bootstrapped and fully compliant with the Caml Light 0.6
compiler and the Caml Light libraries (including camlyacc, camllex).
It can be considered as an alternative to the regular camlc compiler.
In particular, it has successfully compiled many complex Caml Light
programs, including camlc and the Coq system (the ``calculus of
constructions'', a proof assistant).

For further informations contact {Manuel.Serrano,Pierre.Weis}

--Manuel Serrano & Pierre Weis--


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