code-2-code II (Giwrgos)
Tue, 7 Jun 1994 13:59:05 GMT

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code-2-code II (1994-06-07)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: (Giwrgos)
Keywords: tools, summary
Organization: University of North London
Date: Tue, 7 Jun 1994 13:59:05 GMT

Dear friends,

thank you for your letters, on: code-to-code transformation tools

Please allow me to summarize some proposals and tools:

  Reasoning Systems, Company,
  Product Family for Automated Software Analysis and Transformation,
  Case Tool.

  Objective Systems SF AB, Company,
  Case Tool.

  Intrasoft ltd, Company,
  Case Environment.

  Reading Case Services, Company,
  Reverse engineering tool.

  Westmount UK ltd, Company,
  Case Tool set.

  CGI*LS3, Company,
  GSI Solutions,
  Industrial-Strenght Case.

  IPSYS software, Company,
  The IPSYS ToolBuilder, 1994

  Rational, Company,
  Rational Apex,
  Software Engineering Products.

  Bachman Inforamtion Systems Ltd, Company,
  OO modeller and analyst.

  TeleLOGIC, Company,
  SDT, SDL Design Tool.

  Rediffusion Simulation Ltd.,
  Structured Analysis and Maintainance

  High Army Research Centre

I am currently investigating the following information:
(please supply more information)

"I was involved in the development of such a tool once"
We've built a Fortran77 to Ada translator, a CMS-2 to Ada translator,
and an Ada to C translator. Our approach is to parse the input,
build an internal parse tree with semantics added and then walk that
tree to produce output.

PCCTS (which includes SORCERER).
This tool has proved tremendously useful for large projects that we do
here at the Army research center.

QUEST Flashport Services and Products (part of AT&T Bell Laboratories)
we make a binary-to-binary translator.

A similar product called PortASM is made by MicroAPL there in London.
Theirs (and ours) targets moving code from the 68000 based macintosh
to the new PowerPC Macintosh.

There is a similar translator at DEC (VAX to Alpha), but it switches
into emulation when it can't figure the flow of control of the
original program. Insignia's SoftPC approaches the problem from the
other end: they have an emulator which will translate blocks of code
at run time to improve performance. Finally, there are "traditional"
emulators that just emulate each instruction as they see it.

Sage++ source->source transformation tool. If you have
access to the WWW, check out: Mon Jan 17 17:05:10 1994
pC++/Sage++ Information Home Page (ftp

I am also aware of TXL ( Distribution has become
restricted recently, but an academic user should have no problems.

FINALLY, there is some information on PATRIS (my tool) on: - usersa:[] and px.doc (word2)

Please, send your opinions on the above tools, or the "missing" information.

A lot of papers, theses and books have been proposed.
Please, allow me a week to sort things out.

Best regards,

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