PRECC compiler-compiler available via WWW (Jonathan Bowen)
Thu, 2 Jun 1994 11:02:26 GMT

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PRECC compiler-compiler available via WWW (1994-06-02)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: (Jonathan Bowen)
Keywords: tools, parse, available
Organization: Oxford University Computing Laboratory, UK
Date: Thu, 2 Jun 1994 11:02:26 GMT

PRECCX (PRECC eXtended) is an infinite-lookahead compiler compiler for
context dependent grammars. The generated code is ANSI C.
Specification scripts are in very EBNF with inherited and synthetic
attributes allowed. Scripts can be compiled in separate modules, and
linked together later. Meta-production rules allowed. The technology
is essentially LL(oo) with optimizations. A converter for yacc scripts
is available.

Information on the PRECC compiler-compiler is now available via the
World Wide Web under

FTP access is as follows: (Unix compressed tar file) (MS-DOS directory)

For more recent versions and further information, please contact Peter
Breuer on <>.


"The PRECC Compiler-Compiler", P.T. Breuer and J.P. Bowen.
In E. Davies and A. Findlay (eds.),
Proc. UKUUG/SUKUG Joint New Year 1993 Conference,
St. Cross Centre, Oxford, UK, 6-8 January 1993,
ISBN 1 873611 06 4 (UKUUG), 0 9520700 0 6 (SUKUG)
UKUUG/SUKUG Secretariat, Owles Hall, Buntingford,
Herts SG9 9PL, UK, pp 167-182, 1993.

"A PREttier Compiler-Compiler: Generating Higher Order
Parsers in C", P.T. Breuer and J.P. Bowen.
Oxford University Computing Laboratory Technical Report
PRG-TR-20-92, 25pp, November 1992. Provisionally accepted by
Software - Practice and Experience, 1994.

Jonathan Bowen
Oxford University Computing Laboratory, Programming Research Group


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