Need help to write a C compiler for the PowerMac.

"Mohd Hanafiah Abdullah" <>
Wed, 1 Jun 1994 06:03:44 GMT

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Need help to write a C compiler for the PowerMac. (Mohd Hanafiah Abdullah) (1994-06-01)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: "Mohd Hanafiah Abdullah" <>
Keywords: tools, question
Organization: Computer Science, Indiana University
Date: Wed, 1 Jun 1994 06:03:44 GMT

As a student project I'm trying to retarget an optimizing C compiler to the
PowerMac. Since I couldn't find any PowerPC assembler on Metrowerks
CodeWarrior C++/C compiler kit (which I bought for $99) I decided to use the
GNU assembler for the RS6000 instead, then hopefully link with the library in
Codewarrior and producing an executable there. But here's the problem:

After assembling a C file using the GNU assembler which was supposed to
produce an XCOFF object file, I transfered the object file to my PowerMac
and converted its type to XCOF. But when I ran the MAKE option in Codewarrior,
it complained by saying:

"This is not a valid XCOFF object file".

If only I could get a hold of a PowerPC assembler which runs on the PowerMac
and compatible with the CodeWarrior C/C++ compiler, that would be great. I
know there's a PowerPC assembler on the "Macintosh on RISC Software Developer's
Kit" but as a student $399 is a bit on the high side. Any suggestions or
alternatives? How about the Symantec Cross-Development Kit? Does it have an
assembler that I could use for this purpose? Thanks very much.


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