Workshop report - languages/compilers (Sam Kamin)
Tue, 31 May 1994 19:23:36 GMT

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Workshop report - languages/compilers (1994-05-31)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: (Sam Kamin)
Keywords: conference, report
Organization: University of Illinois, Dept of Computer Science
Date: Tue, 31 May 1994 19:23:36 GMT

The final report from a workshop on "Future Directions in Programming
Languages and Compilers", which was held in January, 1993, is now
available by anonymous ftp, or via WWW.

The participants in this workshop were: Robert Cartwright, Charles
Consel, Charles N. Fischer, Eric Golin, Susan L. Graham, Gilles Kahn,
Sam Kamin, Bernard Lang, James McGraw, Steven Muchnick, Tom Reps,
John C. Reynolds, David W. Wall, David S. Warren, Peter Wegner,
Jeannette M. Wing, David S. Wise.

The workshop was initiated and supported by NSF. The report gives
a broad overview of current and future research areas falling under
the rubric of NSF's Programming Languages and Compilers program,
and recommends an "initiative" for NSF to undertake that would,
we believe, increase the visibility and enhance the appreciation
of this area outside of the language community.

The writing of the report was organized by myself and Eric Golin
(until he took leave of absence from U of I last year). Naturally,
none of the participants necessarily endorses everything it says;
on the other hand, there were no dissenting reports issued.

The 22-page report is available in compressed dvi or postscript format
by anonymous ftp at

or via the WWW, by going through my home page:

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