1st annual PCCTS workshop (Jul 94, Silicon Valley)

"Terence Parr" <parrt@s1.arc.umn.edu>
Wed, 25 May 1994 17:02:29 GMT

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1st annual PCCTS workshop (Jul 94, Silicon Valley) parrt@s1.arc.umn.edu (Terence Parr) (1994-05-25)
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From: "Terence Parr" <parrt@s1.arc.umn.edu>
Keywords: conference, PCCTS
Organization: Compilers Central
Date: Wed, 25 May 1994 17:02:29 GMT

                            C a l l F o r P a r t i c i p a t i o n

                                                        First Annual
                        Purdue Compiler Construction Tool Set (PCCTS)


          "Dr. T's Traveling Parsing Revival and Beer Tasting Festival"

                                                    July 25,26 1994
                                                          NeXT, Inc.
                                    Redwood City, CA (Silicon Valley)

This communication is an initial call for participation; a future notice
will have more cost information plus hotel/travel info. The workshop will
provide tutorials, "practice & experience" presentations, discussions
about the future direction of PCCTS, and finally an opportunity for PCCTS
users to exchange ideas.

We encourage the submission of short (<=5 page) "position" papers and/or
"experience" presentations (<=30 min). For more information contact
Terence Parr at parrt@acm.org.

                                                        S U M M A R Y

                Users of PCCTS, users of other language tools, persons interested
                in learning more about language tools, persons interested purely
                in the predicated-LL(k) parsing strategy of the ANTLR parser
                generator, instructors interested in using PCCTS for their
                compiler courses (there are already a fair number of courses being
                taught with PCCTS), and businesses interested in evaluating PCCTS
                or other language tools.

WHY We would like to more actively support the growing PCCTS
                community, to promote the exchange of ideas between users, to
                discuss the future directions of the tools.

                We will be printing copies of the notes, presentations,
                position papers prior to the workshop. We also hope to make
                electronic copies of the proceedings available to other PCCTS

FEE We hope to keep the fee to less than $50 and certainly will only
be used to cover costs of proceedings and refreshments. When
a better estimate of the number of participants is known, a
price will be fixed.

                NeXT has donated the use of a room in their large training facility.

                We anticipate serving refreshments to promote informal
                discussions at meal times rather than forcing attendees to go
                off site.

                We hope to provide suggestions and organized "field trips" to
                the many sites in the San Francisco Bay area.

Send email to parrt@acm.org with a Subject line of "workshop register"
with the following information:

Company or affiliation (if any)
Work Phone
Special food needs (if any); e.g., vegetarian, etc...
Any other special needs
Anything in particular you would like to see at the workshop

When the exact cost is known, we will send you a request for
funds (along with hotel/flight info if you want it). We may be
able to offer discounts to companies with a number of employees
wishing to attend or just wander in and out.

Please register only if you are positive that you will be

Planning group:

Terence Parr <parrt@acm.org>, U of MN
Gary Funck <gary@intrepid.com>, Intrepid Technology, Inc.
Steve Robenalt <steve@molly.dny.rockwell.com>, Rockwell International
Ivan Kissiov <ivan@cadence.com>, Cadence

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