Re: oberon-2 compiler in source? (Aubrey McIntosh)
Fri, 29 Apr 1994 20:49:07 GMT

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oberon-2 compiler in source? (1994-04-29)
Re: oberon-2 compiler in source? (1994-04-29)
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From: (Aubrey McIntosh)
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Keywords: Oberon
Organization: Chemistry Department, University of Texas, Austin TX 78712
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Date: Fri, 29 Apr 1994 20:49:07 GMT (ozan s. yigit) asks:
> Just checking: does anyone know of a partial or complete oberon-2
> compiler available in source? [ETH Zurich makes the binaries
available, but the sources are not free]

More complete answers are in the comp.lang.oberon FAQ.

The compiler, text editor, graphics editor, file system, some servers such
as mail and printer, and other code is(are) included in one of the books.
This code is missing one or two assembly modules, but is essentially a
complete, ready to compile operating system. From one certain viewpoint,
this package compares to A. Tannenbaum's "Minix" textbook with the
addition of a compiler source.

A copy essentially identical to the source commented in the book is
available at and its mirror at

I was able to compile the compiler, then cross compile most of the system
on a DOS machine a few releases ago. With a working NS32?32 emulator, I'd
be there. Again, the missing piece was Kernel, Display, and perhaps
another low level module.

I believe that the structure of the .Sym files has changed since that
time, and producing a valid cross-compile environment with the one or two
missing assembly modules may be more difficult today.

There is a later, distinct, portable compiler that requires a license fee.

File ProjectOberon.tar.Z contains all source texts from

PROJECT OBERON, The Design of an Operating system and Compiler
N. Wirth, J. Gutknecht
ACM Press and Addison-Weseley Publishing Company, 1992
ISBN 0-201-54428-8


Selected Examples and Exercises from

by M.Reiser and N. Wirth,
ACM Press and Addison-Weseley Publishing Company, 1992
ISBN 0-201-56543-9

enjoy! Oberon is a wonderful environment.

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