CFP: 27th Annual Int'l Symposium on Microarch (San Jose, 11/94) (Matthew Farrens)
Tue, 26 Apr 1994 07:41:56 GMT

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CFP: 27th Annual Int'l Symposium on Microarch (San Jose, 11/94) (1994-04-26)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: (Matthew Farrens)
Keywords: CFP, architecture, conference
Organization: Department of Computer Science, University of California, Davis
Date: Tue, 26 Apr 1994 07:41:56 GMT

                                                C A L L F O R P A P E R S

                                                              M I C R O -- 2 7

                                                      THE 27th ANNUAL IEEE/ACM


                                                      with special emphasis on
                                        Instruction-Level Parallel Processing

                                                          San Jose, California
                                                November 30 - December 2, 1994

                                                              Co-sponsored by
                                              IEEE TC-MICRO and ACM SIGMICRO

                                                              Important dates:
            SUBMISSION: JUNE 21, Acceptance: AUG. 23, Final version: SEP. 20

For the past 26 years, the annual MICRO conference has provided a key
venue for the dissemination of ideas and advances in the field of computer
microarchitecture research. MICRO has recently become the premier forum
for discussing and debating issues relating to instruction-level
parallelism; with multiple-issue processor technology continuing to
develop rapidly, this year's conference promises to be an invigorating and
rewarding continuation of this conversation. We invite all interested
parties to participate in this meeting in San Jose, California, to discuss
the many varied aspects of microarchitecture design and
instruction-level parallel processing.

The conference seeks original papers concerning all aspects of
microarchitecture, including implementation of and compilation for VLIW,
superscalar, superpipelined, and multiprocessor systems. The topics of
interest include, but are not limited to, the following:

        Instruction-level Parallel Processing: Compiler and Hardware Technologies
        Hardware and Software Issues for VLIW/Superscalar Multiprocessors
        Tradeoffs: Compiler, Architecture, and Microarchitecture
        VLIW and Superscalar Compiler Design and Implementation
        Processor, Memory System, and I/O Microarchitectures
        Cost and Performance Tradeoffs in Real Machines
        Code Scheduling and Optimization Techniques
        Distributed Instruction Level Parallelism
        Compatibility and Portability

This conference has a long history of promoting the free exchange of ideas
and of encouraging and supporting evolving research. Therefore, authors
are encouraged to submit works that may still be in progress. All papers
will be refereed by members of the program committee who are familiar with
the topic and by outside referees, and papers will be accepted as either
full or short papers.

the original manuscript should be sent to the PROGRAM CHAIR. Papers should
be concise, and must not exceed 5000 words. The identification of the
primary author, including name, affiliation, address, e-mail address,
phone number, and FAX number, should appear on the title page, along with
a 100-word abstract and five keywords. Notification of acceptance or
rejection will occur by August 23, 1994. The camera ready copy of the
accepted papers will be due on September 20, 1994.

Proposals for special sessions (panel discussions and working group
discussions) are welcome, and should be sent to the GENERAL CHAIR by
June 21, 1994.

    Hans Mulder Vicki Allan, Utah State
    Intel Corporation Richard Belgard, Consultant
    2200 Mission College Blvd. David Bernstein, IBM Israel
    P. O. Box 58119, RN2-27 James Bondi, Texas Instruments
    Santa Clara, CA 95052-8119 Bob Collwel, Intel Tom Conte, U. South Carolina
    (408) 765-5456 Henk Corporaal, Delft University
                                                                            Jim Dehnert, Silicon Graphics
    Matthew Farrens Kemal Ebcioglu, IBM
    Computer Science Department Matt Farrens, UC Davis
    University of California, Davis Mike Flynn, Stanford
    Davis, CA 95616, USA Stanley Habib, CUNY Wei Hsu, Hewlett-Packard
    (916) 752-9678; (FAX) 752-4767 Wen-mei Hwu, U. Illinois
                                                                            Gearold Johnson, Nat'l Tech. Univ.
STEERING COMMITTEE Bill Mangione-Smith, Motorola
    Richard Belgard, Consultant Steve Melvin, Consultant
    James Bondi, Texas Instruments Trevor Mudge, Michigan
    Matthew Farrens, UC Davis Alex Nicolau, UC Irvine
    Wen-mei Hwu, U. Illinois Yale Patt, U. Michigan
    Gearold Johnson, Nat'l Tech. Univ. Andrew Pleszkun, Colorado
    Joe Linn, Microsoft Jim Smith, Cray Research
    Yale Patt, U. Michigan Mike Smith, Harvard
    Andrew Wolfe, Princeton Andrew Wolfe, Princeton

(This and other conference information is available via anonymous ftp from, and on the World Wide Web via Mosaic at

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