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CFP: AMAST '95 (Jul 95, Montreal) (1994-04-23)
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From: (HASAN jamil)
Keywords: CFP, conference, theory
Organization: Dept. of Computer Science, Concordia University
Date: Sat, 23 Apr 1994 04:13:35 GMT

                                      Call for Papers
                    Fourth International Conference on
Algebraic Methodology and Software Technology, AMAST'95
                                          July 3-7,1995
                                      Montreal, Canada


A major goal of the AMAST Conference consists in putting software
development technology on firm, mathematical foundations. Particular
emphasis is given to algebraic and logical foundations of software
technology. An eventual goal is to establish algebraic and logical
methodology as a practically viable and attractive alternative to
the prevailing ad-hoc approaches to software engineering. The
benefits accruing from such formal foundations will be clearly wide
reaching and both academia and industry are expected to benefit
from this.

The previous three editions of AMAST were held at the University
of Iowa (1989 and 1991) and at the University of Twente, The
Netherlands in 1993. During the previous three meetings, AMAST has
attracted researchers and practitioners interested in algebra,
logic, formal methods, specification and verification of concurrent
and reactive systems, constraint programming, semantics, category
theory, logic programming, process algebra, etc.

Since 1993, an organizational novelty of AMAST has been to promote
simultaneous co-operative effort between Europe and America in this
venture, bringing the conference to a truly international level.
In addition, the first day of the conference is dedicated to
Mathematics Education for Software Engineers. Following this
successful trend, the fourth AMAST International Conference is to be
held at Concordia University, Montreal, Canada, during July 3-7, 1995.
Montreal is renowned for its cultural richness, numerous museums, and
its unique multicultural setting, to name a few. Montreal offers a
variety of attractions for tourists throughout the year.
The highlights in July include the world-famous International Jazz


We invite papers reporting original research in algebra and logic,
suitable as a foundation for software technology, as well as software
technologies developed by means of logic and algebraic methodologies.
The paper should not have been published elsewhere previously and
should not be under review for publication elsewhere. We also solicit
submissions of system demonstration showing the improved effectiveness
of software developed on a mathematical basis. The topics of interest
include, but not limited to, the following.

          .algebraic logic
          .algebraic methodologies for languages and systems
          .logical frameworks for reasoning
          .category theory
          .relation algebra
          .logics of programs

          .linear and modal logics
          .algebraic approaches
          .object oriented models
          .modular verification

          .logic, functional, and object paradigms
          .specification languages and tools
          .formal specification case studies
          .abstraction for software documentation and reuse
          .theorem proving systems
          .integration of pragmatic and formal methods

          .logic programming extensions
          .constraints and concurrency
          .program verification and transformation
          .temporal and deductive databases

We invite prospective authors to submit 6 copies of previously
unpublished papers of high quality (15 double spaced pages maximum)
in an area relevant to the conference theme. The paper should
provide adequate information for the reviewers to assess the
significance and anticipated impact on the foundations of software
technology. All papers will be refereed by the program committee,
and will be judged based on their significance, technical merit,
and relevance to the conference. All submissions (both papers and
system demo proposals) must be sent to the program chair at the
address below; papers must be received by November 15, 1994 and
system demo proposals must be received by December 15, 1994.

                    V.S. Alagar
                    AMAST'95 Program Chair
                    Department of Computer Science
                    Concordia University
                    1455 De Maisonneuve Blvd. West
                    Montreal, Quebec H3G 1M8
          Phone: (514) 848-3022
          Fax: (514) 848-2830

General Chair: Maurice Nivat (France).

Program Chair: V.S. Alagar (Canada)

Program Committee :

Martin Abadi (USA)
Gregor Bochmann (Canada)
Chris Brink (South Africa)
Pierre Deransart (France)
Michael Ferguson (Canada)
Kokichi Futatsugi (Japan)
Nicolas Halbwachs (France)
Armando Haeberer (Brazil)
Jiawei Han (Canada)
Deepak Kapur (USA)
Helene Kirchner (France)
Laks V.S. Lakshmanan (Canada)
Giorgio Levi (Italy)
Luigi Logrippo (Canada)
Silvio Lemos Meira (Brazil)
Jose Meseguer (USA)
Hafedh Mili (Canada)
Rokia Missaoui (Canada)
Peter Mosses (Denmark)
Istvan Nemeti (Hungary)
Rocco De Nicola (Italy)
Prakash Panangadan (Canada)
Don Pigozzi (USA)
R. Ramanujam (India)
R.K. Shyamasundar (India)
Andrzej Tarlecki (Poland)
Frits Vaandrager (Netherlands)
Martin Wirsing (Germany)

Organizing Committee: (Preliminary)
Chair: Teodor Rus (USA)
Tools and Demos Chair: Peter Grogono (Canada)
Finance Chair: T. Radhakrishnan (Canada)
Publicity Chair: Charles Rattray (UK)
Michel Bidoit (France)
Pankaj Goyal (USA)
Pippo Scollo (Australia)
Ralph Wachter (USA)

Local Arrangements: (Preliminary)
Chair: Rokia Missaoui (Canada)
A. Das (Canada)

Invited Speakers (Partial List)

To achieve the goal of the conference we aim to provide a forum in
which leading researchers in mathematics, computer science, and
software development, will come together to identify algebraic and
logical methodologies that are applicable as viable alternatives to
the present software development approaches and to discuss the
appropriateness of such alternatives with a view to implementation.
Invited speakers, with a tentative indication of the topic areas,

Krzysztof Apt (Logic Programming)
Ewa Orlowska (Algebraic Logic)
Rohit Parikh (Logic and Concurrency)

Important Dates:

Submission of Papers: November 15, 1994
Submission of System Demo Proposals: December 15, 1994
Notification of Acceptance/Rejection: February 1, 1995
Camera-ready Version of Accepted Papers: March 15, 1995
Education Day: July 3, 1995
Conference Days: July 4-7, 1995

Proceedings to be published by Springer-Verlag.

Further Information:

For bulletins on current status of the conference:
Tools and Demos:
Local Arrangements:
For subscribing to amast mailing list:

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