Looking for "sim": C program comparator

kar@cs.rit.edu (Kenneth A Reek)
Thu, 21 Apr 1994 21:08:14 GMT

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Looking for "sim": C program comparator kar@cs.rit.edu (1994-04-21)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: kar@cs.rit.edu (Kenneth A Reek)
Keywords: tools, FTP, question, comment
Organization: Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY
Date: Thu, 21 Apr 1994 21:08:14 GMT

I used to use a program called "sim", which read one or more C
programs and looked for similar code sequences among them. It would
then display the "similar" code sequences side by side for a human to
do a quick visual comparison. I found it extremely effective; in a
minute or two I could pick the cheaters out of a class of 30 students.

We've changed platforms now and my old executable no longer works,
but I don't have the source code any more. I believe that this originated
from a university in Australia, but am not positive.

Does anyone recognize this? Anyone have it or able to point me
to someone who has this source? I'd dearly love to get it running on
our new equipment.

- Ken
Kenneth A. Reek kar@cs.rit.edu
Rochester Institute of Technology 716-475-6155 (voice)
Rochester, NY 14623-0887 USA 716-475-7100 (fax)
[A quick Archie search turned it up at ftp.germany.eu.net in directory
pub/programming/tools/sim. It always seemed unfortunate to me that what's
usually referred to as "teamwork" in the actual programming world seems to
be "cheating" in school. -John]

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