NBS Pascal Compiler Sources available

Paul Robinson <PAUL@TDR.COM>
Sat, 16 Apr 1994 05:26:11 GMT

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NBS Pascal Compiler Sources available PAUL@TDR.COM (Paul Robinson) (1994-04-16)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: Paul Robinson <PAUL@TDR.COM>
Keywords: Pascal, available, FTP, comment
Organization: Compiler Services Company, Silver Spring, MD USA
Date: Sat, 16 Apr 1994 05:26:11 GMT

The sources in Pascal and PDP-11 Macro Assembly, plus Runoff documentation
files for the National Bureau of Standards Pascal Compiler for the PDP-11
running on RT11, is available at the following locations:


(North America)

There are four files:

nbs.zip ( and ) nbs.tar.gz

nbsupd.zip ( and ) nbsupd.tar.gz

the .zip and .tar.gz files of the same name are identical; this will
allow you to take whichever one is appropriate for your machine.

The NBS file is the original compiler. NBSUPD is the updated compiler.

I have no control over how long they will be on the Europe site; they will
be on ftp.digex.net until at least the last day of April. If someone
else wants to provide a permanent home for these files, they are invited
to do so and post a message back to comp.compilers saying so.

The NBS Pascal sources are for those interested in looking at the Pascal
source code of an actual working compiler. (Note: this compiler is for
the PDP-11, so binaries are not present; if you want the binaries,
contact me directly and I'll tell you how to get them.)

This is one of the files which is in my five-disk set of over 3 megabytes
of compiler source archives that I mentioned in this forum that I sell for
$12 including postage. If anyone is interested, write me.

Paul Robinson - Paul@TDR.COM
[I've put them in the archive here at iecc.com as well. -John]

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