Bison-A2.2 for C and C++
Mon, 11 Apr 1994 17:39:12 GMT

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Bison-A2.2 for C and C++ (1994-04-11)
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Keywords: C++, yacc, available, FTP
Organization: Carnegie Mellon, Pittsburgh, PA
Date: Mon, 11 Apr 1994 17:39:12 GMT


Some of you have asked for Bison generation of C++ parsers. Some have
asked for technology to permit multiple parsers in a single application.
A few heretics have wanted a non-GPL parser. All of you can now use
Bison-A2.2, available from the Andrew Consortium. See URL: (That is, anonymous ftp from host (ip address: in directory pub/AUIS/bison/.)

Fred Hansen

Here is an extract from the README in that directory:

9 April 1994

Bison version A2.2
Wilfred J. Hansen
Dirctor, Andrew Consortium
School of Computer Science
Carnegie Mellon

Bison is the GNU parser generator; an alternative to yacc. This directory
contains Bison version A2.2, derived from GNU Bison version 1.22. It also
includes parser generators for C and C++ which have these advantages

No symbol conflicts. Each parser is represented by a single name.
Shared parser code. All grammars use a single instance of the
parser object code.
C++ object. For C++, the generated parser is an object. Utilize
it with
GrammarName *grammar = new GrammarName;
License free. The license on the parser code permits effectively
unhindered use.

Bison-A2.2 has these advantages over other versions of Bison:

Errors in the grammar do not terminate input; all errors are
found in one pass. A complete example and test case is
the file mess.y in the distribution.
Tokens may now be specified as multiple-character strings:
"<=" can appear where formerly would have to be LESSEQ.
The -n switch produces the parser tables without including
the parser; a project can now use its own parser
and avoid the GNU license for the resulting application.
(The parser and C++ packages do this also, but differently.)

The Andrew User Interface System (AUIS) includes a lexical analyzer
generator--gentlex--tailored to this version of bison.

This directory contains
bison-A2.2 - sources in ASCII. See bison.texinfo.
mkparser - license-free parser for C. See parser.doc.
C++parser - license-free parser for C++. See parserclass.doc.
bison-A2.2.tar.gz - all the above, tarred and gzipped.

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