PL/M parser available

gary@Intrepid.COM (Gary Funck)
Wed, 6 Apr 1994 21:28:10 GMT

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PL/M parser available gary@Intrepid.COM (1994-04-06)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: gary@Intrepid.COM (Gary Funck)
Keywords: PL/M, parse, FTP, available
Organization: Compilers Central
Date: Wed, 6 Apr 1994 21:28:10 GMT

Our PL/M parser is now available:

language: PL/M grammar and parser
package: plm-parse
version: 1.1
parts: bison (GNU yacc) grammar description, flex (GNU lex)
                                lexer description, and a scoped symbol table manager
author: Kirk Hays <>
Gary Funck <>
how to get: ftp pub/file/plm.shar.gz from to obtain
                                a shar archive in compressed GNU zip format. To access
the mail server, mail "send plm.shar"
description: this is a skeleton parser for PL/M. The grammar description
and lexer description files were written for bison and flex.
The grammar description closely follows the EBNF documented
in the _PL/M Programmer's Guide_, Intel doc. 452161-003,
Appendix C. A symbol table manager is supplied,
though there is no semantic checking.
conformance: the grammar describes PL/M 386 and where possible, will
accept various other dialects
reference: _PL/M Programmer's Guide_, Intel doc. 452161-003
features: has support for PL/M's "literally" macro definitions
bugs: doesn't support $-directives (includes)
restriction: freely available, use at you own risk
requires: flex, bison, an ANSI compliant C compiler (gcc), and the
avl-subs balanced binary tree library routines
                                (comp.sources.unix Volume 27, Issue 34 ,'avl-subs')
ports: SGI IRTIX 5.2, and a 486DX2 PC clone running Linux
help: contact the authors
updated: 04/04/1994
| Gary Funck [uunet!uupsi!intrpd!gary]
| Intrepid Technology Inc., Mountain View CA (415) 964-8135

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