Call For Papers: PhysComp '94 (Dallas, Nov 94) (Bhanu Kapoor)
Sun, 3 Apr 1994 04:34:38 GMT

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Call For Papers: PhysComp '94 (Dallas, Nov 94) (1994-04-03)
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From: (Bhanu Kapoor)
Keywords: CFP, conference
Organization: SMU - School of Engineering & Applied Science - Dallas
Date: Sun, 3 Apr 1994 04:34:38 GMT

Call for Papers
Workshop on Physics and Computation, PhysComp `94,
This Decade and Beyond
November 17 - 20, 1994, Dallas, Texas
Sponsored by Dallas IEEE Computer Society
Sponsored by ONR/ARPA
Corporate Sponsor: Texas Instruments Incorporated

The Workshop on Physics and Computation, PhysComp `94 will seek to explore
the intimate relationship emerging between Modern Physics and Computation
Theory. One commonly held view is that information laws are dependent on
the laws of physics. Another emerging view is that the universe would not
work without information primitives underlying physical laws. Both of
these views conclude that physics and information/computation are linked
together at a very fundamental level. Understanding the convergence of
computation and physics will lead to a better understanding of using
physical mechanisms as computing engines, and also lead to a better
understanding of how the universe is organized. This field will become
increasingly important to the computing industry as the post-shrink era
approaches and the energy consumption, complexity, and computational
horsepower requirements continue to exceed the computing engines we are
able to design or build. This workshop will emphasize solutions that are
applicable during this decade as well as longer term ideas.

The first general conference on the Physics of Computation was held in
1981 at MIT and Richard Feynman was the keynote speaker. The papers from
that conference were published in the 1982 International Journal for
Theoretical Physics, Vol 21, April, June, and December issues. The
Workshop on Physics and Computation, PhysComp `92, held in Dallas in
October 2-4, 1992, was a long awaited reawakening of the field and 100
people attended from 7 countries. The Keynote speaker for PhysComp '92 was
Rolf Landauer of IBM, a pioneer in the field. Proceedings of the PhysComp
`92 are available thru IEEE Computer Society Press and an electronic
mailing list has been established (for subscription information send email

PhysComp `94 has been extended an additional day over PhysComp `92 to
allow invited panel sessions speakers and submitted papers that discuss
architectures for nano-electronic systems. Papers are requested on other
physics and computing topics such as limits of computing, practical
reversible computers, nano-electronics, energetics of computing, Cellular
Automata, analog computing, quantum cryptography, optical computing,
molecular computing, quantum logic, etc. Generally we are interested in
papers that unify Computation (Algorithms, Architecture, Information
Theory, Automatic Learning, Tele/Communication Theory, Simulation, etc)
with Physics (Discrete models, Entropy, Complexity, Quantum Theory,
Thermodynamics, Energy/mass, Relativity, Gravity, etc). The goal of this
workshop is to establish stronger links between participants from various
backgrounds as well as to educate professionals interested in these topics.

The keynote speaker for PhysComp '94 will be Professor Carver Mead of
California Institute of Technology in Pasadena. His current focus and
teachings are in the area of VLSI design, ultra-concurrent systems,
physics of computation, and the construction of silicon models of neural

SUBMISSION: Please surface mail five copies of your preliminary paper (10
pages maximum) or 5 page extended abstract by Monday May 23, 1994 to:

      Wolfgang Porod PhysComp `94 Program Co-chairman
      Dept. Electrical Engineering email:
      University of Notre Dame Phone: 219/631-6376
      Notre Dame, IN 46556 FAX: 219/631-4393

Notification of acceptance will be mailed by Friday July 1, 1994. The
technical committee will group submissions into relevant topics, and
select papers and panel members. Papers will be accepted for long talks
and short talks. Panel sessions and poster sessions may also be organized
based on papers submitted. The proceedings will be prepared thru IEEE
Computer Society Press in time to be distributed at the workshop.

REGISTRATION: A block of rooms is being reserved and all meetings will be
held at the Harvey Hotel in Addison, TX. Full registration details will be
mailed at a later date. The room rate will be $59 single/$69 double. The
workshop fee will be $200, payment by US check or credit card.
Transportation to the hotel: Super-shuttle or Taxi. Free hotel shuttles
for transportation in Addison.

SCHEDULE: Monday May 23: Preliminary version of papers due at Notre Dame
for 1994 Friday July 1: Notification of acceptance for papers mailed
                    Friday July 8: Author Kits mailed to accepted authors
                    Tuesday Sept 6: Final papers due at IEEE press, registration starts
                    Monday Oct 17: Early registration fee of $180 cutoff date
                    Wednesday Nov 16: Out of town arrival, registration, & reception
                    Thursday Nov 17 thru Sunday Nov 20 (noon): PhysComp `94

        GENERAL CHAIRMAN: Douglas J. Matzke, Texas Instruments
                                              for more information (214) 995-0787 or
        PROGRAM COMMITTEE CO-CHAIRMAN: Wolfgang Porod, University of Notre Dame
        PROGRAM COMMITTEE CO-CHAIRMAN: Gary Frazier, Texas Instruments
        ON SITE REGISTRATION: Sajal Das, University of North Texas,
        Jose Manuel Fernandez, University of Toronto
        William R. Frensley, University of Texas at Dallas
        Andrew Ilachinski, Center for Naval Analysis
        Lester Ingber, Lester Ingber Research
        Irvin R. Jackson, Motorola
        ADVERTISING: Bhanu Kapoor, Texas Instruments,
        Christopher Kolb, Caltech
        David P. Larson, University of Texas at Dallas
        Salvatore Morgera, McGill University
        DALLAS IEEE REPRESENTATIVE: Gene Meyer, Texas Instruments
        Shamim Naqvi, Bellcore
        Braunstein Samuel, Weizmann Institute of Science
        Sharad Saxena, Texas Instruments
        Joe Touch, Information Sciences Institute
        Paul Vitanyi, CWI
        Ruixi Yuan, NEC USA Inc.

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