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Mon, 28 Feb 1994 16:31:43 GMT

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers,comp.parallel
From: (Sanjeev Krishnan)
Keywords: C++, parallel, tools
Organization: University of Illinois, Dept. of Comp. Sci., Urbana, IL
References: 94-02-203
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 1994 16:31:43 GMT (Sanjay Kumar) writes:

>I'm looking for a parallel c++ compiler to use in my thesis work. Could
>anyone suggest if any of them is available by ftp

The CHARM++ system provides a C++ based parallel programming
language and runtime system. For a description of the language and
related issues, look at the paper :
"Charm++ : A Portable Concurrent Object Oriented System based on C++",
in Proceedings of the Conference on Object Oriented Programming Systems,
Languages and Applications (OOPSLA), Sept 1993.

The following is a brief description of the CHARM system.
You can ftp it from in the directory pub/CHARM/CHARM.4.0


We are happy to announce the release of version 4.0 of the Charm
portable parallel programming system. (Versions prior to 3.0 were
called the "Chare Kernel" parallel programming system).
(The Charm Parallel Programming software is *not* in the public domain.
However, it is freely available without fee for education, research,
and non-profit purposes. Read the license agreement at the ftp site for
further details).

The release Includes:
. CHARM : A C based parallel language

. CHARM++ : A C++ based parallel language that supports concurrent
                                objects with inheritance.

. Projections : A performance analysis tool

. Dagger : A notation for easy expression of message driven programs.

. DagTool : A visual (GUI based) language for creating Charm/Dagger

Programs are written in C or C++ with a few extensions for
parallelism. The main features of the system are:

o Portability : Charm programs run unchanged on various
    shared memory and private memory MIMD machines. The currently
    supported machines include :

                Intel iPSC/860 Intel Paragon
                Intel iPSC/2
                Thinking Machines CM-5 nCUBE/2
                Sequent Symmetry Encore Multimax
                Networked workstations (Sun, HP or RS6000)

o Message driven execution : The system supports message driven
                execution for latency tolerance. Charm (then called Chare
                Kernel) was one of the first systems to support message driven
                execution on stock multicomputers.

o Dynamic creation of "processes" : Charm allows dynamic creation of
                processes/concurrent objects and provides dynamic load
                balancing. It also supports prioritized scheduling.

o A sophisticated module system : Charm allows separately compiled
                modules to coexist without name conflicts. It also makes it
                possible to overlap communication time in one module with
                computation from another which is impossible/difficult in
                traditional SPMD programming.

o Specifically shared variables : Charm supports a disciplined form of
                virtual shared memory by providing abstractions for commonly
                used modes in which information is shared in parallel

o Enhanced performance analysis : Based on the object-oriented design
                of Charm and the specificity of its constructs, Projections
                provides graphical performance feedback which is more refined
                than is possible with many contemporary tools.

The Charm Parallel Programming software is freely available without fee
for education, research, and non-profit purposes. However, it is *not*
in the public domain. Please read carefully the license agreement at
the ftp site mentioned below before copying any files.

The Charm software can be ftp'd from : from the directory
pub/CHARM/CHARM.4.0. Many of the papers from our group (Parallel
Programming Laboratory) are also available in pub/CHARM. More
information regarding the Charm mailing list, bug reports, etc. is
available at the ftp site.

For further information, contact :
                Prof. L.V. Kale
                Parallel Programming Laboratory
                Department of Computer Science
                University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
                1304 W. Springfield Ave.
                Urbana, IL 61801
                (217) 244-0094 Fax: (217) 333-3501

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