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Tue, 22 Feb 1994 21:45:31 GMT

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Ada Compilers (1994-02-22)
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Date: Tue, 22 Feb 1994 21:45:31 GMT

I noticed your inquiry aboiut Ada compilers that distribute across
processes. There are two such compilers validated by Beijing Green
Valley Software in Beijing , China. They are both listed in the
validated compilers list.

Chief Scientist is Professor Li Xin, formerly of the North China Institute of
Software Engineering. He has no email in China.

Contact Addrdess is:

      Li Xin
      Chief Scientist and Vice-president
      Beijing Green Valley Software
      Building 13, Wanmingyuan
      Fuchenmenwai, Beijing, China]

        83133993408 (phone number in China)

You may tell him that I suggsted that you get in touch aboiut his compilers.
The design of the tasking environment is quite unique in the Ada world,
and worth study by by anyone interested in the details of such things. It
is not the most robust compiler in its current state, but he still has
more work to do on it for future releases. In some ways, Profressor Li is
is ahead of the other compiler vendors with the design of his tasking
model. He simply needs to do some fine-tuning.

At present, Professor Li is developing a debugger for the compiler.

Richard Riehle
345 California Ave (after March 1, 1994)
Suite 6
Palo Alto, CA

(415) 328-1815
  FAX 328-1112

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