Bibliography on Garbage Collection
Tue, 22 Feb 1994 19:56:18 GMT

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Bibliography on Garbage Collection (1994-02-22)
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Date: Tue, 22 Feb 1994 19:56:18 GMT

Following my previous post, there has been sufficient interest in the
bibliography, enough to make it available through ftp. Following
information describes the availability.

    author = "Nandakumar Sankaran",
    title = "A Bibliography on Garbage Collection",
    institution = "Clemson University",
    address = "$4^{th}$ Floor, R. C. Edwards Hall, Computer Science
                          Department, Clemson, SC 29631",
    month = feb,
    year = 1994,
    type = "Technical Report",
    number = "94-102",
    note = "This paper references literature related to garbage
collection in uniprocessor, parallel, distributed,
real-time, object-oriented, functional and logic
programming systems.",

The report is available via anonymous ftp from in
the directory ~ftp/techreports as
A dvi, ps and BibTeX version of this report is available in the
directory ~ftp/pub/papers/nandu. The BibTeX list is made public with
the understanding that the header be retained if changes are made to
it or the contents used elsewhere. The author would welcome any
suggestions or comments on the report.
Nandakumar Sankaran ( (
311-8 Old Greenville Hwy. Clemson SC 29631-1651 (803)653-7749
G34 Jordan Hall Comp. Sci. Dept. Clemson Univ. SC 29634 (803)656-6979

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