Massalin's Superoptimizer paper (Henry G. Baker)
Thu, 10 Feb 1994 19:14:47 GMT

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Massalin's Superoptimizer paper (1994-02-10)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: (Henry G. Baker)
Summary: ACM ASPLOS'87, Sigplan Not. 22,10 (Oct 1987), 122-126.
Keywords: optimize, architecture, comment
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Date: Thu, 10 Feb 1994 19:14:47 GMT

Massalin, Henry. "Superoptimizer--A Look at the Smallest Program". Proc
ACM ASPLOS'87, Sigplan Notices 22,10 (Oct 1987), 122-126.

One of the neatest hacks of all time! Belongs in HAKMEM II ("The Cdr").

    -- Henry Baker

[It's been discussed at length here in the past, but it's always worth
mentioning. -John]

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