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Thu, 10 Feb 1994 07:48:51 GMT

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Re: bison for Oberon ? (1994-02-10)
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Date: Thu, 10 Feb 1994 07:48:51 GMT

: Is there somebody who knows if a compiler compiler for oberon exists
: like the bison for c.

Coco/r written by H.MOessenboeck. One paragraph from the paper: "Coco/R is
a program that takes an augmented EBNF grammar of a language and generates
a recursive descent parser and a scanner for this language. The programmer
has to supply a main module that calls the parser, as well as semantic
modules that a called from within the grammar (e.g., a symbol table
handler and a code generator."

Coco is available via anonymous ftp from

There is also a Modula-2 version of Coco, supported , as I think, by Pat

If it may be interesting, I compiled with minor changes (not affecting
Cocol/R - the language) Coco/R with my Oberon to C translator and it works
for me well enough even where I cannot use the Oberon System.

David Tolpin,,

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