Alternative to yacc/lex

Per Frykenvall <>
Mon, 7 Feb 1994 11:31:32 GMT

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Alternative to yacc/lex (Per Frykenvall) (1994-02-07)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: Per Frykenvall <>
Keywords: yacc, lex, question, comment
Organization: Compilers Central
Date: Mon, 7 Feb 1994 11:31:32 GMT

I'm working on a compiler rewriting project, for an internally
used 4GL language. The former compiler was of ad hoc type, now
we want to use a neatly structured solution. The compiler must
be portable between many different platforms.

One problem with yacc and lex is that they produce a lot og
global variables (yy...). Since we use light-weight processes
this means that we must forbid simultaneous compilations.
We'd like to put all those variables into a struct, automatically.
Have anyone seen a solution to this problem?

Maybe there are newer, better alternatives to yacc/lex?
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[GNU Bison has a reentrant parser option that makes all of the parser
variables local. -John]

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