C++ class library for generating C code

rehmann@vevey.cscs.ch (Rene M. Rehmann)
Tue, 1 Feb 1994 10:28:16 GMT

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C++ class library for generating C code rehmann@vevey.cscs.ch (1994-02-01)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: rehmann@vevey.cscs.ch (Rene M. Rehmann)
Keywords: C++, parse, question, comment
Organization: CSCS-ETHZ, CH-6928 Manno, Switzerland
Date: Tue, 1 Feb 1994 10:28:16 GMT

I'm looking for a C++ class library which allows me to parse a C-like
language build up an object list with the different grammar rules with
methods to change the objects of the different rules and the possibility
to print out all object thus generating a correct C-program.

An example:

a object statement would consists of either an object labeled_statement or
expression_statement or ...
I could for example do a statement::change_expression_statement(expression).
and after parsing an input file I could do
statement::print() or simply cout << statement

Of course this class library should allow to build up a symbol table and
also methods to manipulate the symbols (changing names and types and all

I don't know if I described clear enough what I'm looking for but if
anyone has comments on this or has something like this I would appreciate
every pointer to it.

Rene M. Rehmann phone: +41 (91) 50 8234
Section of Research and Development (SeRD) fax : +41 (91) 50 6711
Swiss Scientific Computing Center CSCS email: rehmann@cscs.ch
Via Cantonale, CH-6928 Manno, Switzerland
[There's a small set of C++ parsing code in the compilers FTP archives, but
it's not very fancy. -John]

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