Free FORTRAN compilers - summary (Wojciech Galazka)
Wed, 26 Jan 1994 12:12:01 GMT

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Free FORTRAN compilers - summary (1994-01-26)
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Newsgroups: comp.lang.fortran,comp.compilers
From: (Wojciech Galazka)
Summary: free compilers
Keywords: Fortran, summary
Organization: Chem. Dept., Warsaw Univ., Poland
Date: Wed, 26 Jan 1994 12:12:01 GMT

Here's a summary of postings sent in reply to my letter sent to
comp.lang.fortran about availability of a free FORTRAN compiler.
Thanks to all who responded to me.
From: Greg Lindahl <>
Subject: Re: Public Domain/Shareware version of Fortran
Newsgroups: comp.lang.fortran

f2c is quite free.
From: (MUFTI)
Newsgroups: comp.lang.fortran
Subject: re: CHEAP MSDOS fortran compiler: was: nocommercial users have to pay nothing for bcf77
Organization: User Helpdesk Comp. Cent. (RUS) U of Stuttgart, FRG

Someone asked for a cheap MSDOS fortran compiler for students.
The bcf77 by andreas koesterli has a student version, which costs nothing.
The student version may not be used in any comercial enviroment and problems.
Its a version that write a none standart object format and requires 640KB.
If all input is in UPPERCASE, it supports full fortran 77 standart.

Its available via ftp or mail from
(if you want to use mail then mail a file
with help to

file is: "/soft/pc/lang/fortran/compiler/"

From: (Troy Barbee)
Newsgroups: comp.lang.fortran
Subject: re: CHEAP MSDOS fortran compiler: was: nocommercial users have to pay nothing for bcf77

In article <1991Dec11.160531@IASTATE.EDU>, cfrandal@IASTATE.EDU (Charles
F Randall) writes:
|> Note that the .txt file for this NOT in English:
|> BC-FORTRAN77 Version.b besteht aus Compiler, Linker,
|> Modulbibliothek und einem residenten Laufzeitsystem, das
|> u.a. einen einfachen Debugger enthaelt. Diese Version
|> laeuft auf einem MS-DOS Rechner mit 640kB RAM. Eine
|> Festplatte ist nicht erforderlich. Hiermit soll in
|> einfacher Weise ein Compiler fuer Programmierkurse
|> zur Verfuegung stehen. Dem kommt entgegen, dass
|> entsprechende Compiler fuer ATARI ST und AMIGA existieren.
|> Anfragen nach Zusendung einer anderen oder neueren Version
|> werde ich nur noch beantworten, wenn DM 20.- (Schein oder
|> Scheck) Aufwandsentschaedigung (Diskette, Umschlag, Porto
|> und Zeit) beigefuegt sind. Ich versende ausschliesslich
|> 3 1/2 Zoll Disketten.
|> Anybody willing to translate?

Here's a quick and dirty translation (i.e., I didn't look in
my dictionary, so the sentences in [] are just rough translations)

BC-FORTRAN77 Version b consists of a compiler, linker, module
library, and a resident runtime system that contains (among
other things) a simple debugger. This version runs on a MS-DOS
computer with 640KB RAM. A hard disk is not required.
[The intent is to provide a compiler for programming courses
in a simple manner. Similar compilers exist for the ATARI ST and the AMIGA.]

Requests for another or a newer version will only be answered
if they are accompanied by DM 20.- (check or cash) to defray costs
(diskette, envelope, postage, and time). I can only send 3 1/2 inch diskettes.

From: (Pat Hayes)
Newsgroups: comp.lang.fortran
Subject: Re: free fortran for PC running MSDOS

>From Public software List (PsL), Houston, TX: (their number 3940)

"BC-FORTRAN 1.3b, is a FORTRAN compiler from Germany. The
documentation is in German. Sample source code is included. The compiler
generates big, inefficient EXE programs and is offered only because there are
no other pd/shareware FORTRAN compilers available. 700K of disk space is

From: (Pat Hayes)
Newsgroups: comp.lang.fortran
Subject: BC Fortran -- PD/Share Fort Compiler -- English Docs Available

Can you figure this out? Here's info about translated docs for that
PD/SH Fort compiler I mentioned.
From: "DOYLECM@ROSEVC.Rose-Hulman.Edu" 3-FEB-1992 00:53:12.08
Subj: BC F77 documentation available
From: PVT Joe Snuffy <DOYLECM@ROSEVC.Rose-Hulman.Edu>

    I am sort of asking for your help here. I translated the documentation for
BC-F77 and am willing to make it available to people. However, my newsreader
will not let me post with distribution wider than our local site (or at least,
that appears to be what is going on). Could you do me a favor and post the
text that follows? You might also tell those others who write to you that this
translation is available.

Chris Doyle DoyleCM@RoseVC.Rose-Hulman.Edu

Stuff to be posted starts below this line. Adjust header/newsgroup/etc as
appropriate. Thanks!

Newsgroups: comp.lang.fortran
Subject: Re: free fortran for DOS PC/BCF77
Date: Mon, 3 Feb 1992 00:33:21 GMT

For those people who FTP this thing and want to be able to read the
documentation, I have translated the README file into English and will
let you have a copy of the translation upon request. Translation is
about 400 lines long.

BCF77 (FORTRAN 77 compiler, written by Andre Koestli) distribution.
This compiler/linker/run-time module and supporting files are available
via anonymous FTP from "" as the file

Newsgroups: comp.lang.fortran
From: (John Burton)
Subject: Re: BC Fortran -- PD/Share Fort Compiler -- English Docs Available

There is another distributes f2c
which is a translator for converting FORTRAN 77 code into C (ANSI C
or K&R C), or C++ (I think). There is a version of f2c that is ported
to MSDOS machines.
How fast & efficient the code is now depends on how good your C
compiler is (I hear MSC and BC++ do a pretty good job of optimization)...

f2c is available via anonymous ftp...ftp to & login as netlib.

From: (Lou Glassy)
Newsgroups: comp.lang.fortran
Subject: Re: BC Fortran -- PD/Share Fort Compiler -- English Docs Available

In article <>
                                 (Pat Hayes) writes:
[comments about an english translation of the BCF77 readme.doc]
Has anyone attempted translating the error messages inside the compiler?
(This involves editing the binary.)
from the translation a friend provided for me:
"...the error messages are self-explanatory, except for the following:
    [a page or two of error messages] ..."
the self-explanatory error messages (not listed in the readme.doc)
comprise the bulk of the error messages, i think.

>From alan@dmsmelb.mel.dms.CSIRO.AU Wed Jan 26 12:27:49 1994
Subject: Re: Public Domain/Shareware version of Fortran

BCF is available by ftp from many places. For instance, it is in the
directory fortran on simtel20. I did `archie bcf' and found it is also
in directory /usenet/comp.archives/languages/fortran on

On simtel20 it is file:
You may find it has the same name elsewhere.

There have been many complaints about bcf - but it is free. I recommend
Lahey's Personal Fortran PF77L to those who have been disappointed with
bcf. I believe it costs US$99.

Alan Miller, Quality Improvement Project
CSIRO Division of Mathematics & Statistics, Melbourne, Australia
Phone: +61 3 542-2266 Fax: +61 3 542-2474 E-mail:
Mail: CSIRO DMS, Private Bag 10, Rosebank MDC, Clayton, Vic. 3169, Australia

                                Wojciech Galazka
Wojciech Galazka <>
      Computer Center
  Chemistry Department, University of Warsaw
  Pasteura 1, 02-093 Warsaw, Poland

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