Q: Needed? Commercial Eiffel Precompiler Toolkit

langmack@inf.fu-berlin.de (Olaf Langmack)
Tue, 25 Jan 1994 13:45:58 GMT

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Q: Needed? Commercial Eiffel Precompiler Toolkit langmack@inf.fu-berlin.de (1994-01-25)
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Newsgroups: comp.lang.eiffel,comp.compilers,comp.object
From: langmack@inf.fu-berlin.de (Olaf Langmack)
Followup-To: comp.lang.eiffel
Keywords: Eiffel, tools, question
Organization: Free University of Berlin, Germany
Date: Tue, 25 Jan 1994 13:45:58 GMT

                                                                                                                Berlin, January 1994

This is to ask the net, if there's enough interest in an Eiffel-3 precompiler
toolkit. Iff, we intend to make such a product available in June 1994.


The toolkit allows to implement Eiffel-3 precompilers based on abstract
transformations of an Eiffel-3 syntax tree. It can be used to implement
language tools (e.g. static analysis, test data generators, documentation
support) or language front-ends (e.g. for concurrency extensions). The
Toolkit generates a precompiler in C source code.

The precompiler accept Eiffel-3 (and LACE/PDL) source code as input and
generate Eiffel-3 (and LACE/PDL) source code as output. The desired
functionality is to be specified as a set of syntax tree transformations
and manipulations. These are to be specified in a high level language
which allows pattern matching, unification and recursion. They make use of
a toolkit specific abstract syntax definition for Eiffel-3, LACE or PDL.

The Toolkit consists of the following components:

    - "e3-ast", "lace-ast", "pdl-ast": transform Eiffel-3 source code into
        an abstract syntax tree. They perform a syntax check on the input.
        ("e3-ast" is an improved version of the public domain "ep" tool, see
        the Eiffel-FAQ for more information).
    - "generate-ast-ast", generates the source code for a transformation
        tool ("ast-ast"). This tool implements the desired precompiler
        functionality as a set of abstract syntax tree modifications. To
        communicate with the other toolkit components "ast-ast" reads and writes
        abstract syntax trees from files or standard I/O.
        (The transformator generator "generate-ast-ast" is identical to the
        "puma" tool of the Karlsruhe compiler construction toolbox.)
    - "ast-e3", "ast-lace", "ast-pdl", transform an abstract syntax tree into
        Eiffel-3 source code.


  600US$ for educational institutions.
1800US$ for commercial use.


If you or your institution might be interested in buying such a product
please send a short and non-obligatory notice to
"langmack@inf.fu-berlin.de". Please indicate

    - your preferred configuration language (LACE or PDL)
    - your preferred platform (OS, H/W) and C compiler
    - estimated number of users
    - educational or commercial use

Best regards,
Olaf Langmack.

Surface Mail D-12053 Berlin Altenbraker Strasse 4 Germany
Answering Machine +49-30-6215827
        Olaf Langmack Altenbraker Strasse 4 D-12053 Berlin

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