Beta Test Offer: Highly Optimizing Solaris C Compiler (Axel F. Unbehaun)
Wed, 12 Jan 1994 22:10:24 GMT

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Beta Test Offer: Highly Optimizing Solaris C Compiler (1994-01-12)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: (Axel F. Unbehaun)
Keywords: C, testing, available
Organization: Compilers Central
Date: Wed, 12 Jan 1994 22:10:24 GMT

You are cordially invited to beta test our ANSI C compiler and debugger
for Solaris on SPARC.

The beta test period is from 2/7/94-3/7/94.

We have 3 goals for our beta test effort:

[1] Get the compilers beta tested.
[2] Determine your interest in these products.
[3] Exercise our support process.

Our features include:

- Higher performance on SPECINT92 than key competitors.
- Math libraries (libham) that achieve high accuracy without sacrificing
- No license server hassles.

After release, we will also offer the following services:

- 24x7 support, regular product upgrades, & standby services for
    special customer projects.
- Custom Compiler Development including programming language enhancements
    for special system implementations, Special code generation for program
    instrumentation, debug, & optimization.

BTW, our compilers & services have been used for the past 3+ years by
Amdahl Corp. to build its UNIX SVR4 operating system code for the SPARC &
S/390 platforms. The technical success of these efforts laid the
groundwork for the SUN/Amdahl alliance to produce Solaris Extended

Recent restructuring at Amdahl has given us the opportunity to work on
spinning off our compiler technology into an independent company. Amdahl
will be our first customer for both our compilers and our services. What
we need to gauge now is the interest level of you, our potential
customers. In parallel, we are working on the pricing details so that we
can bring you these high quality products and services at reasonable

So, please take us up on our invitation and rsvp by sending the response
card below to and we'll get right back to you with
                Yes, Please send me info on your compilers
Interested in beta test:

Thanks for your time,
Axel Unbehaun


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