references summary on run time dependency analysis.

Graham Jones <>
Tue, 26 Oct 1993 10:30:11 GMT

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references summary on run time dependency analysis. (Graham Jones) (1993-10-26)
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From: Graham Jones <>
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Organization: Department of Computer Science, University of Edinburgh
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 1993 10:30:11 GMT

Thankyou to the following people for their replies on run time dependency
Joe Hummel <>
Mariam Kamkar <>

There was some degree of interest shown in my posting so if anyone has
anymore references I would be glad to hear from them. I will post all
future replies.


J. H. Saltz, R. Mirchandaney, and K. Crowley, "Run time parallelization
and scheduling of loops", IEEE Trans. Computers, May 1991, vol 40,
no. 5, pg 603-???


        AUTHOR = "L. Huelsbergen and J. Larus",
        TITLE = "Dynamic Program Parallelization",
        Booktitle = "Proceedings of the '92 {ACM} Conference on
                                  {LISP} and Functional Programming",
        Pages = "311--323",
        YEAR = "June 1992"


1. Dynamic Slicing of Distributed Program,
      Bogdan Korel, Roger Ferguson
      Appl. Math. and Comp. Sci., 1992, vol.2, No.2, 199-215

2. A Mechanism for Efficient Debugging of Parallel Programs,
      Barton P. Miller, Jong-Deok Choi
      Proceedings of the SIGPLAN'88, Conference on PLDI, Atlanta, Georgia.

3. Dynamic Slicing in the Presence of Unconstrained Pointers,
      Hiralal Agrawal, Richard A. Demillo
      Proceedings of the ACM fourth Symposium on Testing, Analysis, and
      Verification (TAV4), Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, october 1991.

4. Three Approaches to Interprocedural Dynamic Slicing,
      Mariam Kamkar, Peter Fritzson, Nahid Shahmehri
      Microprocessing and Microprogramming, vol 38, numbers 1-5, september 1993

5. Interprocedural Dynamic slicing with Applications to Debugging and Testing,
      Mariam kamkar
      Ph.D. thesis, Department of Computer and Information Science,
      Linkping University, April 1993.

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