AMAST'93 Proceedings (Pippo Scollo)
Tue, 26 Oct 1993 03:12:59 GMT

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AMAST'93 Proceedings (1993-10-26)
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Newsgroups: comp.theory,comp.specification,comp.specification.z,comp.compilers
From: (Pippo Scollo)
Keywords: conference, available
Organization: Twente University, Dept. of Computer Science
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 1993 03:12:59 GMT

I'm glad to inform you that the AMAST'93 proceedings (3rd Int'l Conference on
Algebraic Methodology And Software Technology, Univ. of Twente, Enschede,
21-25 June 1993) are now in production.

The estimated publication date is December 1993.

A latex source of the table of contents is available by anonymous ftp (with
any password) on the machine, file ProcTOC.tex in directory
pub/doc/amast93 (or, temporarily, in directory upload, where the file is named

Advance orders should be sent to the publisher's Sales Department in Wimbledon
(mail address: see below, fax: + 44 81 947 4651, email:,
quoting the

    ISBN number : 3-540-19852-0

The price of the volume will be 39.00 British pounds.

A discount of 20 % is available to the following people:

    (A) AMAST'93 authors and registered participants (including those who
            couldn't attend because of illness)

    (B) members of the BCS

    (C) AMAST'93 referees

    (D) AMAST'93 committee members

These orders must however be sent via David Anderson (Marketing Manager) or
Rosie Kemp (Editorial Assistant, Computing, fax: + 44 81 947 4651, email: rather than direct to the Sales Department.

The publisher's mail address is:

    Springer-Verlag London
    Springer House
    8 Alexandra Road
    Wimbledon SW19 7JZ

Best regards,
                            Giuseppe Scollo

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