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dougw@Think.COM (Douglas Wiedemann)
Thu, 14 Oct 1993 01:39:17 GMT

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: dougw@Think.COM (Douglas Wiedemann)
Keywords: RTL, GCC
Organization: Thinking Machines Corporation, Cambridge MA, USA
References: 93-10-053
Date: Thu, 14 Oct 1993 01:39:17 GMT

In article 93-10-053 writes:
>I would like to work with at the RTL level of GCC WITHOUT meddling (too
>much) with the internals of GCC. I can make GCC spew out RTL at various
>phases. I then want to do my own processing on it, after which I want GCC
>to "restart" with the (printed) RTL expressions. Can I make GCC read in a
>text file of RTL expressions ? If not, how else can I work with RTL ?

I have asked R. Stallman about this and the answer he gave is essentially
"Using and Porting GNU CC" V2.4 Sec. 14.18, where he states

"People frequently have the idea of using RTL stored as text in a file as
an interface between a language front end and the bulk of GNU CC. This
idea is not feasible."

He then goes on to clinch it by saying that the RTL dump is not even
complete information about the program. But, did GCC really have to be
written that way?

Doug Wiedemann (

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