Bison++ and flex++ available

John Levine <>
Tue, 13 Oct 1992 14:19:27 GMT

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Bison++ and flex++ available (John Levine) (1992-10-13)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: John Levine <>
Keywords: C++, yacc, flex
Organization: Compilers Central
Date: Tue, 13 Oct 1992 14:19:27 GMT
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Alain Coetmeur <> has contributed his C++-ized versions of
bison and flex to the compilers archives. They're a bunch of files in the
subdirectory bison++flex++ on and

They're much too big to mail; I'll see if I can figure out something for
the mail server.

Here are some bugs he noted:

1- On SUN C++, the compiler is "Brain Damaged" (citation) and
        reject any goto, even when there is no constructor/destructor in the bloc
        that is scoped. So Flex++ skeleton is not compilable. Who can help me !!
        With ATT-Cfront 3, Microsoft C7, Borland C++, Windows NT SDK, there is
        no problem and (hopefully) we don't have any SUN C++ locally.

2- The tokens symbols generated by BISON++ are declared as
        "static const int " (class member constant) in C++ and defined in the
        skeleton. So these symbols are not compile-time constant, and cannot
        be used to size array or such compile-time initialisation. I studied
        the possibility to generate "enum" and not "const". It would be easy,
        but may change some behaviour ... I propose to generate "enum" in a
        new version, but to keep backward compatibility, there will be a
        %define symbol to switch back to "static const int". What do you think
        of it ? what problems do the current users preview ? I will modify
        bison++ in this direction as soon as I get time to do, and if users
        don't show me problems ...

3- There should be a C++ Stream implementation. Nowaday you can
        do it easily by redefining virtual function, but there should be a clean
        and automatic way to use Streams. I propose to use a %define symbol to
        switch from stdio to streamio. Like everything it is waiting for me to
        get time. Before I start, tell me if you disagree in any way...


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