ISCA '94 CFP (Chicago, April 94) (Andrew Chien)
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ISCA '94 CFP (Chicago, April 94) (1993-08-26)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: (Andrew Chien)
Summary: ISCA '94 CFP
Keywords: CFP, architecture
Organization: University of Illinois, Dept. of Comp. Sci., Urbana, IL
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 1993 23:26:49 GMT

                                                                CALL FOR PAPERS
                                    The 21st Annual International Symposium on
                                                          Computer Architecture
                                                              Chicago, Illinois
                                                        Dates: April 18-21, 1994

                                                                    Sponsored by
                                    Association for Computing Machinery/SIGARCH
                                                          IEEE Computer Society
                        Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

                                                            In Cooperation with
                                  The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

          Eight copies of a double-spaced manuscript, in English, and not
          exceeding 6000 words in length, should be sent to the Program Chair.
          Papers will be accepted for consideration until October 15, 1993. A
          single cover sheet should be included which contains: paper title,
          full names, affiliations, complete addresses, phone and FAX numbers,
          and email addresses of the authors, as well as a 100 to 150 word
          abstract and a list of up to five keywords. Because the identity of
          authors will not be revealed to the referees, authors' names and
          affiliations must appear only on the cover sheet. Authors must avoid
          references and citations that compromise anonymity.

          Notification of acceptance for both regular and other presentations
          will be mailed by January 5, 1994. Authors of papers accepted as reg-
          ular papers will be requested to submit a final, camera-ready copy by
          February 15, 1994. for inclusion in the proceedings.

          Papers are solicited on any aspects of Computer Architecture. Topic
          areas include, but are not limited to,

              - Novel architectures and computing techniques
              - Multiprocessors, multicomputers, and distributed architectures
              - Superscalar, Superpipelined, and VLIW processors
              - Very-high performance architectures
              - Massively parallel architectures
              - Architectural implications of application characteristics
              - Non-numeric architectures
              - Technology impact on architecture
              - Language and operating systems support
              - Application-specific architectures
              - Performance evaluation and measurement
              - Memory systems

          As always, papers will be judged on their scientific merit and antici-
          pated interest to conference attendees. It is understood that papers
          in new areas are likely to contain less quantitative evaluations and
          comparisons than those in more established areas.

          As in previous years, a series of tutorials and workshops will be held
          immediately preceding and/or following the symposium. Tutorial and
          workshop proposals will be accepted until November 1, 1993.

          If you wish to organize a full or 1/2 day tutorial, please send to the
          Tutorials Co-Chairs five copies of a detailed proposal, including
          tutorial title, outline, brief description of topics to be covered,
          intended audience, assumed attendee background, and the name(s),
          affiliation(s), and resume(s) of the speaker(s).

          If you wish to organize a workshop, please send to either one of the
          the Workshops Co-Chairs five copies of a detailed proposal, including
          workshop title, description of its scope, list of invited partici-
          pants, and name(s) and affiliation(s) of the organizer(s).

          Steering Committee:

              Dharma P. Agrawal, North Carolina State University, Raleigh
              Forest Baskett, Silicon Graphics
              Lubomir Bic, University of California, Irvine
              Edward S. Davidson, University of Michigan
              John L. Hennessy, Stanford University
              Yale N. Patt, University of Michigan
              Alan J. Smith, University of California, Berkeley

          General Co-Chairs:

              Wen-mei W. Hwu
              Coordinated Science Laboratory
              University of Illinois
              1308 W. Main St.
              Urbana, IL 61801

              Pen-Chung Yew
              Center for Supercomputing Research and Development
              University of Illinois
              1308 W. Main St.
              Urbana, IL 61801

          Program Chair: Janak H. Patel
              Coordinated Science Laboratory
              University of Illinois
              1308 W. Main St.
              Urbana, IL 61801

          Tutorials Chair: Prith Banerjee
              Coordinated Science Laboratory
              University of Illinois
              1308 W. Main St.
              Urbana, IL 61801

          Workshops Co-Chairs:

              Michael J. Foster
              Division of Microelectronics Information
                    Processing Systems,
              National Science Foundation,
              1800 G Street, NW
              Washington, DC 20550

              Kai Li
              Department of Computer Science
              35 Olden Street,
              Princeton University,
              Princeton, NJ 08544

          Finance Chair: Jose A. Fortes
              School of Electrical Engineering
              Purdue University

          Registration Chair:
              Josep Torrellas
              Center for Supercomputing Research and Development
              University of Illinois
              1308 West Main Street
              Urbana, IL 61801

          Publicity and Publication Chair:
              Andrew A. Chien
              Computer Science Department
              University of Illinois
              1304 W. Springfield Ave.
              Urbana, IL 61801

          Local Arrangement Chair:
              John R. Barr
              Software Systems Research Laboratory
              Corporate Software Research and Development
              Motorola, Inc.

Professor Andrew A. Chien 1304 W. Springfield Avenue
Department of Computer Science Urbana, IL 61801
University of Illinois Email:
Phone: (217)333-6844
FAX: (217)333-3501

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