COCO/R bug fix

Pat Terry <>
Fri, 30 Apr 1993 20:37:26 GMT

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COCO/R bug fix (Pat Terry) (1993-04-30)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: Pat Terry <>
Keywords: tools, LL(1)
Organization: Compilers Central
Date: Fri, 30 Apr 1993 20:37:26 GMT

John Gough has reported a bug in Coco/R (the LL(1) parser generator that
originated from Hanspeter Mossenbock in Zurich). It exists in my MS-DOS
port (version 1.27), which I know several readers of this group have used,
and I suspect exists in the Oberon version too. A simple input that will
set it off is the following

          COMPILER E

              E = % | % .
          END E.

The problem occurs when there are unrecognisable symbols (like %) in the
alternatives for a production. It does not always cause trouble; when it
does, the system loops infinitely.

The fix is as follows:

In CRP.MOD the code for PROCEDURE Term currently allows one to leave the
procedure without assigning proper values to the parameters gL and gR if
an unrecognisable terminal is encountered. A simple extra line sorts that

        PROCEDURE Term (VAR gL, gR: INTEGER);
                gL2, gR2: INTEGER;
                gL := 0; gR := 0; (* <= =============== add line here *)
                IF In(symSet[2], sym) THEN (* This is the DOS version; Oberon
                                                                                one is slightly different here *)
                    Factor(gL, gR);

The simplest fix is to alter CR.ATG. If you do this as below you can
generate a new CRP.MOD file by a bootstrap process:

      CR.ATG : we need to get the extra line generated ======
                          so the attribute grammar needs fixing |
Term<VAR gL, gR: INTEGER> (.VAR |
                                                                  gL2, gR2: INTEGER;.) |
= (.gL := 0; gR := 0.) <----- add here
( Factor <gL, gR>
        { Factor <gL2, gR2> (.CRT.ConcatSeq(gL, gR, gL2, gR2).)
    | (.gL := CRT.NewNode(CRT.eps, 0, 0); gR := gL.)

Pat Terry, Computer Science, Rhodes University, GRAHAMSTOWN 6140, RSA or or

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