Looking for pseudo-code interpreters

pgf@hara.fct.unl.pt (Pedro Geraldes Freire)
Fri, 19 Feb 1993 15:39:52 GMT

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Looking for pseudo-code interpreters pgf@hara.fct.unl.pt (1993-02-19)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers,comp.programming,comp.software-eng
From: pgf@hara.fct.unl.pt (Pedro Geraldes Freire)
Followup-To: pgf@fct.unl.pt
Keywords: interpreter, question
Organization: Universidade Nova de Lisboa, PORTUGAL
Date: Fri, 19 Feb 1993 15:39:52 GMT

  Hello everybody!

  We are developing a project for an integrated information system that
uses EXPRESS as a definition language. We are thinking of using some sort
of interpreter to implement the rule/procedural part of the system. The
interpreter would have to access the data maintained by the system so it
would probably need some sort of symbolic data manipulation
capabilities... Efficiency is important but not critical.

  PD C++ or C source would be ideal. Ideas are always welcome.

  Please e-mail your answers.

  Thanks for your help,

Pedro Geraldes Freire | BITNET/Internet: pgf@fct.unl.pt
Projecto CIMTOFI | UUCP: pgf@unl.uucp
UNINOVA - GRI - FCT/UNL | Fax: (+351) (1) 295 56 41/44 61
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