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Fri, 19 Feb 1993 09:04:55 GMT

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Date: Fri, 19 Feb 1993 09:04:55 GMT

I think the original question is a strange one. It's not the language that
compiles to C, it's the compiler.

We have developed a compiler generator toolset (Elegant) that used to
compile to Modula-2 but has been rewritten to compile to (K&R) C. (ANSI-C
is our next target.)

Why C?. Because C is what its adversaries always claim: a high level
assembler. And that's how Elegant uses it: to produce compact, highly
efficient and almost unreadable code. But with one great advantage: you
can get execuatbles on almost any platform. The platform only has to
support C.

Elegant is a bootstrapped compiler generator: it's written in Elegant. At
the moment, we have versions for several flavours of Unix (SunOS 3 and 4,
Apollo Domain, Ultrix), VAX/VMS and MS-DOS. The only things that had to be
changed for each of these platforms are a handfull of library routines
written directly in C. After that, its just one comand and a weekend of
processing later we have a new version for each of those platforms (even
the MS-DOS version is generated automatically on a PC-NFS connected PC).

If you want more information on Elegant, you are referred to

The Elegant Compiler Generator System
Lex Augusteijn
(page 238-54)


Attribute Grammars and Their Applications
P.Deransart, M. Jourdan (Eds)
Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science 461

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