Review and Registration: Petri Nets '93 /Chicago
Thu, 4 Feb 1993 17:23:09 GMT

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Review and Registration: Petri Nets '93 /Chicago (1993-02-04)
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Organization: University of Illinois at Chicago
Date: Thu, 4 Feb 1993 17:23:09 GMT

PETRI NETS 1993 / Chicago

14th International Conference on Application and Theory
of Petri Nets, June 21-25, 1993, Bismark Hotel, Chicago

MONDAY, JUNE 21, 1993
The following three parallel sessions:

1. Introductory Tutorial I:
Informal Intro. to Petri Nets (W. Reisig),
Elementary Net Systems I (G. Rozenberg),
Place /Transition Nets I (W. Reisig),
High-Level Nets I (K. Jensen),
Timed & Stochastic nets I (M. Ajmone Marsan)

2. Advanced Practical Tutorial:
Petri Nets, Artificial Intelligence and their Application
to Computer Integrated Manufacturing (R. Valette)

3. Oral presentation of the tools that will be exhibited
throughout the conference: (open to all participants)

TUESDAY, JUNE 22, 1993
The following four parallel sessions:

1. Introductory Tutorial II:
Elementary Net Systems II (G.Rozenberg),
Place /Transition Nets II (M. Silva),
High-Level Nets II (K. Jensen),
Intro. to GSPNs (M. Ajmone Marsan),
Levels of Petri Nets (H. J. Genrich)

2. Advanced Theoretical Tutorial:
The Relationships between different Models of Concurrency
(M. Nielsen)

3. Case Studies Tutorials:
Asynchronous Circuit Design
(R. Shapiro, Meta Software)
Simulation of Communication Protocols
(M. Ajmone Marsan, Politecnico di Torino)
Work Flow Analysis of Business Processes
(V. Pinci, Meta Software)
Reliability Modelling of a Heterogeneous
Multiprocessor (K. Trivedi, Duke University)

4. One-Day (Tuesday, June 22) Workshop on Computer
Supported Cooperative Work: Petri Nets and Related
Formalisms. To register for this workshop, circle YES in the
conference registration form.) For details, contact De Michelis
( or Ellis (

A single session of presentation of regular papers as well
as the following three invited talks:

1. Groupware and Concurrency Modeling
        (Clarence Ellis, University of Colorado )

2. Applications of Qualitative and Quantitative Structural
        Analysis of Net Models ( Manuel Silva, Univ. of Zaragoza)

3. Petri Nets with Continuous-State Marking Processes
        (Kishor S. Trivedi, Duke University)

Social Programs
Informal gathering, 6-7 pm on Tuesday, June 22
Conference Reception & Banquet on Thursday, June 24
(Optional Informal Dinner-Excursion on Friday Evening,
June 25, if there is enough interest.)

For the complete tutorial and conference program, contact Murata
or Shatz via fax (312) 413-0024 or via e-mail:


To register, return this form to

PETRI NETS 1993 Registrar
UIC Conferences and Institutes (M/C 607)
1033 W. Van Buren St., Suite 700N, 7th Floor
Chicago, IL, 60607 USA

With credit card payment, you can register by
Phone (312) 996-5225 or FAX (312) 996-5227,
but not via e-mail.

Please type or print
Last Name ___________________ First Name _______________
Organization _________________________________________
Address _____________________________________________
Phone: _____________________ Fax: ____________________
E-mail: _____________________________________________
(If you don't want your phone #, etc. to appear on
the participant list, please so indicate.)

Please circle membership information, as appropriate.

I wish to register for the following:

___ Two-Day Tutorial, June 21-22 Fees (Check one):
Member (by May 24) ___$300, (after May 24) ____$350;
Non-Members (by May 24) ___$320, (after May 24) ___$370

        Check which session you plan to attend each day
                Monday, June 21 (check one)
                _____ Introductory I
                _____ Advanced Practical

                Tuesday June 22 (check one)
                _____ Introductory II
                _____ Advanced Theory
                _____ Case Studies

___ Three-Day Conference (June 23-25) Fees (Check one):
Member (by May 24) ___$395, (after May 24) ___$445;
Non-Members (by May 24) ___$415, (after May 24) ___$465

Do you wish to register for the workshop, "Computer Supported
Cooperative Work: Petri Nets and Related Formalisms", on June 22?
(Circle one) YES NO
(Note: To register for this workshop, you must
also be registered for the conference.)

__ Additional/guest banquet tickets Number __@ $45 each = $____

Total Payment Enclosed $______________________________

PAYMENT METHOD:___ Check or money order, payable to
the University of Illinois - PETRI NETS 1993.
U.S. currency only. Funds must be drawn on a U.S. bank; or

__ Discover __ MasterCard __ Visa Exp. Date ____/______
Credit Card Number ___________________________________
Cardholder's Signature _________________________________

Refunds, less $25 processing fee, available for requests received
in writing by June 5, 1993.
by June 5, 1993 at

          The Bismark Hotel,
          171 W. Randolph Street
          Chicago Illinois 60601, U.S.A.

          FAX (312) 236-3177
          Phone (312) 236-0123,
          Outside Chicago, but within Continental U.S. 1-800-643-1500

Ask for special Petri Nets '93 rates:
$65 Single, $75 Double, $85 Triple, $95 Quad.
Identify yourself as a participant in Petri Nets' 93.

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