Re: GCC + Garbage Collect code = new GCC? (Eliot Moss)
Wed, 3 Feb 1993 16:06:31 GMT

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Re: GCC + Garbage Collect code = new GCC? (1993-02-03)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: (Eliot Moss)
Keywords: GCC, GC
Organization: Dept of Comp and Info Sci, Univ of Mass (Amherst)
References: 93-02-011 93-02-029
Date: Wed, 3 Feb 1993 16:06:31 GMT

On 2 Feb 93 18:08:32 GMT, Whitten@Fwva.Saic.Com (David Whitten) said:
> It sounds like someone has done a lot of work to analyze GCC for garbage
> collection of intermediates, etc. ... Does anyone know if the GC code will
> be folded into the 'official' GCC release? It would make GCC a more
> palatable vehicle as a back end if it were doing so...

We have done work on gcc to add support for *run-time* garbage collection,
i.e., finding pointers and pointer-related quantities in registers and the
stack. I am not aware of garbage colleciton in the compiler *itself*.

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