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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: (Christian S. Collberg)
Organization: Department of Computer Science, Lund University
Date: Thu, 31 Dec 1992 10:32:26 GMT
Keywords: parallel, architecture, bibliography, summary
References: 92-11-118

Here is a (belated) summary of the replies I received to my request for
information on parallelizing compilers. Thanks to the following people who
provided information:

            Simon N Smith <>
   (Sachit R. Nadkarni)
            Qiang Alex Zhao <>
   (Lorie Liebrock)
   (Subhas Roy)
            Christian Lengauer <>
            Joe Hummel <jhummel@esp.ICS.UCI.EDU>
   (David R. Good)
   (Jean Louis Pazat)
   (Uli Kremer)
   (Pankaj Kumar)
   (David Lilja)
   (Lee Chia Ling)
            Rudi Hackenberg <>
            Gholamali Hedayat (JRG ra) <>
            Suresh Damodaran Kamal <>
            Steven Collins <>
   (Paul Havlak)
            Ramakumar Kosuru <>
            wismuell@Informatik.TU-Muenchen.DE (Roland Wismueller)
            Roger Peel <>

Here's the original request:

|> I have found lots of articles on vectorizing compilers. I have not,
|> however, been able to find any information on compilers which try to
|> discover parallelizable code and then attempt to map it to processes
|> on a distributed memory machine. Can someone help me to find the
|> relevant references?

And here are the replies. The first section contains concrete
bibliographic references, mostly in BibTeX format. I have not checked for
duplicates. The subsequent sections contain general comments. They have
been edited down for brevity.


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>From Fri Nov 20 23:05:24 1992

What you probably need to look for is automatic alignment and distribution
for distributed memory architectures.

There are a number of parallel compilers that require alignment and
distribution information then convert the program to SPMD form. For
example the Rice distributed memory compiler does this. If you want a
reference on this compiler send email to and ask for the
tech reports CRPC-TR91121 and CRPC-TR91132.

My dissertation deals with automatic alignment and distribution in Fortran
D for a large class of applications. An early description of the work
(before we really started into the guts of the research) is available in
CRPC-TR91166 from the above source.

You will find in these references pointers to other related work.


>From jhummel@esp.ICS.UCI.EDU Sun Nov 22 00:35:08 1992

    1. Look at Fortran D work by Kennedy, et al., at Rice University.
            This is fortran for distributed memory machines (now called
            high-performance fortran or HPF).
    2. Rogers and Pingali at Cornell did some compiler work.
    3. A system called Kali, authors ?.
    4. A system called Pandore, authors ?.

You should be able to look in ICPP, Supercomputing, or Sigplan
PLDI conferences for this and related stuff.


>From Mon Nov 23 17:06:15 1992

There are many projects about "parallelizing compilers" for distributed
memory machines. Ther are two kinds of compilers:
Data distribution directed compilers (DDD): FortranD, Pandore, Vienna Fortran,
HPF compilers
Code distribution directed compilers: (CDD)

DDD Compilers parallelize and distribute sequential code according to a
data distribution specified by the user; CDD compilers try to distribute
independent iterations among processors, most of them use a global memory;
but this memory can be a virtual memory (see KOAN for example).

At IRISA, we are working on a DDD Compiler PANDORE II (see the bib. part of
this message)

2) About profiling information:

We are also working in this area. Yves MAHEO (PhD student),
( is working with me in this field. We have used profiling
techniques to find why in some cases the parallelization is not efficient.
Informations are collected by the run-time designed for our compiler
(PANDORE II -> C (NX/2) ) on an iPSC/2.

We also use a sophisticated trace analysis system (ECHIDNA) wich uses the
ESTELLE language. (We also have a code generator for the ESTELLE
language). Theses informations are of interest to find where are tight
synchronizations in the generated code. Cyrille Bareau (PhD student),
( working with Claude Jard ( on this

We think that it seems very difficult to have a precise enough feed back
from theses tools to drive a compiler. Work is in progress to show some
global information to the user, driving the compiler is the next step.


>From Mon Nov 23 19:00:24 1992

    you might want to look at work done here at Rice in the
    context of the Fortran D programming system.

    Several other groups are/have been looking at the problem of compiling
    programs for distributed memory multiprocessors. Just go
    through the Proceedings of the following conferences:
        - International Conference of Supercomputing (ICS)
        - Supercomputing
        - HCCA4, DMCC5, DMCC6, ...
        - Sigplan PLDI
        - Sigplan PPOPP

>From Mon Nov 23 20:36:10 1992

In the most recent conference on supercomputing "SUPERCOMPUTING 92" just
held in Minnesota, USA there was a paper on compiling fortran programs for
distributed memory machines. The paper is from NPAC, Syracuse University,
Syracuse NY 13210 USA.

We at Syracuse University are developing a Fortran compiler for MIMD
machines. There are lot of technical reports, and you should get in touch
with Lisa Deo ( to get the technical reports and
their listings.

Other places which are also working is CRPC, Rice University, Houston,
Texax, USA. Contact Ken Kennedy or Charles Koelbel.

Also, you can contact Piyush Mehrotra or Joel Saltz at ICASE, NASA Langley
Research Center, Hampton, VA 23665, USA.

Most of the papers for compiling techniques for MIMD parallel computers
are from these people only.


>From Mon Nov 23 21:36:58 1992

      I suggest you try looking at stuff relating to the SUPRENUM (spelling?)
machine - I think it is a parallel vector-processor machine. Hence its
compilers need just about every technique you can think of.
      I recall there is a book by H. Zima and B. Chapman on the subject of
vector and parallel compilers (Supercompilers for parallel and vector
computers??), so you could start searching on their names. The book is
heavily into dependence relations etc., covers vector machines, but for
parallel machines I think it only considers loop-parallelism.

Reply-To: (Paul Havlak)

        Parafrase is a vectorizing/parallelizing Fortran-to-Fortran compiler
developed at the University of Illinois CSRD. Subsequent projects at CSRD
include Parafrase-2 (an interactive programming environment), Cedar (a
parallel computer with shared-memory clusters, with its own KAP-based
compiler), and several Lisp-oriented projects.
        Parafrase-2 (at least) has some PDG-based intermediate

        The PTRAN group at IBM Watson Research Center also uses a PDG-based
representation for partitioning.

        Of the two major projects at Rice, PFC did not use control
dependences, but ParaScope uses the PDG and additional information.
        In the early-to-mid 1980s, Kennedy and Allen's group at Rice developed
a vectorizing/parallelizing Fortran-to-Fortran compiler (Parallel Fortan
Converter == PFC) and a dependence browser (PTOOL), running on IBM
mainframes. PTOOL is now defunct. PFC relied on IF-conversion to convert
control dependences to data dependences.
        The ParaScope programming environment builds control and data
dependences for interactive transformation of sequential and parallel
Fortran. The ParaScope editor can use dependence graphs from PFC/PSERVE.
        Recent work at Rice on compilation of Fortran D (a precursor to High
Performance Fortran) uses the same ParaScope infrastructure.

>From Fri Dec 4 01:04:44 1992

  IEEE transactions on Distributed Systems is a good starting place to look
  for articles on parallel Comp on Distributed architectures. There are
  several articles on this topic.

  There exists good books:
        Parallel Programming and Compilers (Polychronopolous)
        SuperCompilers for Parallel and Vector Computers
                      (Hans Zima and Barbara Chapman)
  Both are good Summary books.

Reply-To: "Qiang Alex Zhao" <>

Have you tried SR? Here's a description of SR:

SR (Synchronizing Resources) is a language for writing concurrent
programs. It is described in "The SR Programming Language: Concurrency in
Practice" by Gregory R. Andrews and Ronald A. Olsson (Benjamin/Cummings,
1993, ISBN 0-8053-0088-0). An overview of Version 1 of the language and
implementation appeared in the January, 1988, issue of TOPLAS (ACM
Transactions on Programming Languages and Systems 10,1, 51-86).

The main language constructs are resources and operations. Resources
encapsulate processes and variables they share; operations provide the
primary mechanism for process interaction. SR provides a novel
integration of the mechanisms for invoking and servicing operations.
Consequently, all of local and remote procedure call, rendezvous, message
passing, dynamic process creation, multicast, and semaphores are

New features in Version 2 include shared global variables and operations,
circular imports, real numbers and math functions, formatted I/O, a more
general syntax with fewer special cases, a more robust system with better
error checking, true multiprocessing when run on a Silicon Graphics Iris
or Sequent Symmetry, and many additional enhancements.

SR has been used at a number of universities and labs for course work and
research projects involving concurrent programming. It has been used in
concurrent programming courses to reinforce concepts with small
programming projects and with larger projects such as experiments with
parallel algorithms, replicated databases, distributed simulations, and
parts of distributed operating systems such as file systems and command
interpreters. SR has also been used as a tool in several masters theses
and doctoral dissertations to conduct experiments in parallel and
distributed programming and to implement larger systems such as a system
for mixed language programming, one for distributed implementation of
graph algorithms, experiments with load balancing algorithms, and
experiments with upcall program structures.

Version 2 is tested on Sun4, Sun3, DECstation, SGI Iris, HP RISC and
9000/300, NeXT, and Sequent Symmetry platforms. Code is also included for
the DG AViiON, IBM RS/6000, DEC VAX, Encore Multimax, Apollo DN, and

FTP: /sr

Department of Computer Science,
Lund University, BOX 118, S-221 00 LUND, Sweden

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