Journal of C Language Translation, December 1992

John R. Levine <>
Thu, 24 Dec 1992 01:56:30 GMT

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Journal of C Language Translation, December 1992 (John R. Levine) (1992-12-24)
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From: John R. Levine <>
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Date: Thu, 24 Dec 1992 01:56:30 GMT
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Journal of C Language Translation, Volume 4, Number 2, December 1992

Table of Contents:

8. Turtles and Overcoats -- P.J. Plauger

Plauger discusses the process of writing standards, illustrating some
problems using the C+ new operator and two very old jokes.

9. ANSI C Interpretations Report -- Jim Brodie

X3J11 Chairman Brodie discusses the ever-contentious issue of character
sets as well as how the Standard's environmental limits constrain

10. An NCEG Progress Report: December, 1992 -- Robert Jervis

Recent activity in X3J11.1 and its subgroups.

11. Extending C for Numerical Computing (NCEG) -- Fred Tydeman

An overview of progress to date on NCEG.

12. Reusable Incremental C Preprocessing, Part II -- W.M. McKeeman and
Shota Aki

Fine-grain incremental preprocessing for C.

13. A Proposal for Garbage-Collector-Safe C Compilation -- Hans-J. Boehm
and David Chase

How a C compiler can with minimal modification support garbage collected

14. A Universal C Compiler -- V.S.Pavlov and S.A.Mironov

A machine-independent optimized code generator.

15. Miscellanea -- John Levine

The usual calendar of events, news, products, and services.

The JCLT appears quarterly. The December issue is currently being
printed and should be mailed on the 31st. For subscription or
article submission info send a note to

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